Saw Ad for "Wierd Science" Computer

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 07:43:45 1998

> While looking through 1984 Bytes. I came across an ad for the computer
> used in the bedroom scene in "Wierd Science". It's the Memotech MTX512. It's
> a sleek black unit and appears to be based on the Z80A.

A bit brownisch in reality :)

> Does anyone know anything about these?

They have been somewhat popular in Germany between 1983 and
1986 - around the thime when the big Commodores where about
to decline, but the PC hadn't catched up. A neat CP/M able
machine with lots of RAM, up to two FDs, possible HD and a
good video out (or, to catch the home market with tape :).
A good Basic and some add ons (assembler ? linker ? ) had
been put into ROM. Also I remember there was some kind of
script language to handle terminal I/O - a bit wired, but
you could start such scripts to have an inteligent terminal,
almost like block mode terminals with mask based foratings.

The timeline is almost the same as for the Enterprise -
AFAIR the Memotech was also English - at least did the
company some _very_ succesfull ZX81 add ons - the Memotech
64K RAM was at this time _THE_ standard upperclass add on
- especialy with this realy nice design.

The MTX512 has been sold in Germany thry several small
dealers and VOBIS, this pushed it a lot. I heared they
had strong sales in England. Tony ?


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