Kaypro BASIC

From: cswiger <cswiger_at_wilma.widomaker.com>
Date: Tue Dec 15 08:45:07 1998

Hi all:
        While looking thru surplus last weekend didn't find much,
but 3 semi-interesting items:

1) Microsoft Basic referance manual for Kaypro, complete instructions
for 8K, extended and disk basic, for 8080, 8085, and Z80 w/ CP/M.
As the twig is bent so the tree inclines - you can see some destested
qualities of MS in there, esp. the 'embrace and extend' philosophy,
and the extensive product liability disclaimer while claiming to be
high quality software at the same time. Got it at their usual buck
a book price.

2) A PCJr. rom cart game from the "IBM Entertainment Division",
in box w/ instructions, something about a Farmer, mouse and cheese.
Probably pretty cheesy game but "IBM Entertainment" sounds like an
oxymoron to me, priced at $4. Left it there.

3) Also a TI 700 silent writer.

Anyone heard of a product called the "Video Brain" circa 77-78?

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