"Single instance" machines

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Tue Dec 15 15:24:54 1998

>> Oh, before I forget - Also known as 8096 and 8096SK and SP9000.

> I wrote:
>> The SuperPet SP9000 and the 8096 are not the same machine; the 8096 does
>> not have the extra 6809 processor.

> Hans wrote:
>> They are - the diference is just the added 6809 board.
> ^^^^^^^^

> They are what? If you mean to say they are identical, they certainly aren't,
> as I wrote before and as you confirm in your own statement.

> It may be the case that *SOME* 8096s are the same as an SP9000 without the
> 6809, but *SOME* of them aren't. I've got a board set out of an 8096, and
> it is sufficiently different than the board set in my SP9000 that there is
> no way to add the 6809 board.

To get this straight, we are talking about the 8096, a modified
8032 with the big metal case and a 'Universal PET' board, and
a daughterboard pluged into to give 64 K of additional mem.

Now the 6809 PET (SP, MMF, etc.) has also a daughterboard, placed
in the same position, that replaces the 6502 CPU with a cable to
the add-on board. On the board ist the original 6502, the 6809, a
6551, 64k RAM and some ROM. The RAM is maped, instead of to $9xxx
(if my memory is correct) in 4K steps (and the ROM on the daughter-
board did replace the Kernal ROM, when the 6809 was active - if my
memory is correct).

I have a Comodore machine, that is a 8096 case (Metal, 12" 8000 PET
case) with the label 8096 on the front and this doughterboard
installed. The serial number sticker says MMF9000, and the
original Commodore shipment papers also say MMF9000 - so, what
do I own ?

Throughout possible that commodore had several PCB layouts for
the MMF - I don't know. There is also the late version of the
8096 board with 128 K onboard RAM as used in the 8096SK and
8296SK models. The memory maping was like the 8096 with the 64K
board but unlike the 64K of the 6809 board. I don't know any
Addition (like LOS-96) that used the additional 32K - the access
was very - uh - lets say not so easy :) (BTW: there are also
some units known whee this board resides inside a betal 8032/8096
case and the unit is named 8096).

I think Commodore did the best they could do to confuse collectors :)


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