SOL feeding frenzy?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 15:48:45 1998

> > Not that I want to start a bidding war (or then again, why not?) so lets
> > say that it could be had for $600 plus shipping, with a possibility of
> > part/all trade for something similarly really cool! (tho I could really
> > use the $$$)

> Speaking as a cheap bastard who would never pay this much for a Sol, I'd
> like to see it offered on eBay just to see what it would fetch. The last
> one I saw sell there brought $300, but it was non-working, and it was
> before a certain money-is-no-object bidder joined the fray.

USD 300 is ok - not realy low, but still afordable, if one
wants it - for a working unit (And I assume mine will work,
since I trust the seller _AND_ I have his address and at
least 220 punds to argue with).

> BTW, I appreciate the gesture, but I don't understand the logic of
> offering it to this list rather than the public at large. This is an open
> list -- anybody can subscribe, and many do without becoming list
> contributors. There's no guarantee that somebody who buys here won't
> resell it on ebay or elsewhere for more. In fact, since the internet
> affords a certain level of anonymity, a "dealer" could easily pose as a
> mild-mannered collector if they wanted to.

Shure, but as long as the sale goes as free style offers, the
seller is still able to pick the one who wants to sell to, And
this offers the oportunity to take someone that he (the seller)
thinks will handle the unit properly.

And if it fails and the wolve steps out of the sheeps disguise,
I still belive in the 'self healing of a comunity and the ability
of every individual to remember :) Tit for Tat starts best with

> If the goal is to ensure that it stays in the hands of a collector who
> will maintain it and not resell it for profit, then I think a simple
> contract could be drawn up to help ensure that, and those conditions could
> be stated in the ad.

Finaly no contract can enshure it - even a 'no sale at all'
paragraph can be void under some circumstances, and a court
might rule against it.


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