SOL feeding frenzy?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 16:28:02 1998

> > Gut gebruellt Loewe, but whats a 'good' member and whats not ?
> > Do you want to set up a second list with 'invitation only'
> > sign at the front desk ? This would just keep newbees (people
> > born later than 1968like almost half the people here I guess)
> > out and then ?

> No, I prefer open and rotten to closed and "pure." But that doesn't mean
> that I allow myself to be easily exploited by the rotten. This is becoming
> way too abstract. Why are people afraid of contracts? When did contracts
> become a New Orwelian invention?

Don't get me wron, I'm not afraid of contracts, I just found that
if you need a _written_ (and I think this is it) contract to bann
the other, he will find ways to avoid the bann, and nothing is
reached. I buy my cars without a written contract, I put some
USD 150,000 into renovating my condo without a written contract,
I put up two companies without written contract, and I will stay
this way. If the other don't honour my word, why should I do business
with him ? Ok, now I think we are geting deep into a personal
viewpoint (BTW: If you ask, no, this might not be the usual German
way - I don't know, maybe I have some Arab blood ...).

> > I just assume everybody here has the same (or at least similar)
> > motivation and feeling toward the ol'metal as me - until proved
> > false.

> Same here. Contact me for details if you'd like. [Organ music swells.
> Fade to black.]

Cut, Tada, Always Ultra, a ladys life has has never been easer.
Now extra strong and still soft - tada - Back to the show.
(I like the way how they lift the thrill by inserting 'messages'
at the right moment... :)


Der Kopf ist auch nur ein Auswuchs wie der kleine Zeh.
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