From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 15:41:46 1998

Well, I'm afraid I didn't understand your reply about how Star was better
than other UIs, Hans (sorry I can't quote the message). I can't see how a UI
could really completely obscure the hardware of a machine (I think that's what
you meant). What if you need to save to a floppy disk? How do you obscure
the physical machine in that?

I haven't really looked at smalltalk, but here I have a 1983 issue of
Popular Computing that describes it. It shows a sample which sadly makes
little sense to an unenlightened one :( Is there a free version of
Smalltalk for the PC that you would recommend for learning?

How does smalltalk compare to LISP? I've got a book on LISP that I haven't
looked through due to lack of time.

Also, you said that OS/2 is more OO than others. Which version? I have 2.0
here and not only is it slower than molasses, it's basically the same as
Windows 95 in terms of design, implementation, and so on.

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