PDP-11/24 bootup w/9312

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Dec 15 21:15:38 1998

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>>BTW: after flicking the boot switch, about how many minutes should it take
>>to do the prelim. tests before any evident booting action takes place? I
>>just see the # of bytes of memory displayed ("_at_01000000") and a few
>>flickers of the "Ready" light on the RL02.
>Should start booting shortly (less than 30 sec.after mem size displayed)

Hmmm, something must be wrong since nothing happens after five minutes.
I'll put the machine aside and work on it later. It's part of the pile of
DEC gear I must get rid of anyway. List of which will appear here soon.

>I waited at least five minutes
>>or more several times. After thinking I've waited long enough to grow old
>>waiting, I Halt the processor and "_at_1013" is written to the display. Could
>>there be a hang? (Got simple info out of my RT-11 5.1 manuals on how to
>>boot an 11/24 just this AM. Stumbled upon it, actually.)
>I don't know about RT - all my experience is with RSX11M+ but I would guess

I didn't mean to say RT was on any of the disk packs I tried to
bootup.Truthfully, I do not know which: RT-11 or RSX-11M as the bootable
packs were not marked. I did try a couple of the RSX-11M Distribution packs.

>that it is not seeing the boot sectors. IE: try another platter. Before

I've tried at least a half dozen packs some of which are bootable as
mentioned above. Exact same results.

>inserting another disk check / clean the heads, check the old platter for
>those nasty rings.

Nasty rings? What are those??

Thanks again, CHris
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