OT: Value/money making (was Re: SOL feeding frenzy?)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Tue Dec 15 23:20:18 1998

Chuck McManis wrote:
>So the role of "collector" takes on more the role of "caretaker." You and I
>are classic computer caretakers, we care about the computers, we care about
>their history, we care about how they are used, and we care that they will
>survive us. People who buy and sell "collectible" computers in order to
>increase their personal wealth are "collectors" in the more common usage of
>the word. The collectors are "moving in" and the caretakers job gets harder.

Dunno, I kind of prefer the terms "Hobbiest" and "Speculator", and have
started using them occasionally to refer to the two types. My concern is
what happens when a speculator sits on one of these systems for a year or
two, not able to get what he thinks he should out of it.

In the long run, how viable will the classic computer market be for the
speculator? These systems take up a LOT of room as most of us from what it
costs us to store them. I've got a 10,000+ comicbook collection that is
worth a lot more and takes up a lot less space. This is the kind of thing
that speculators will look at. This is why Resellers supporting the old
systems charge the big $$$'s.


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