ebay - Minivac 601, 1st pers. digital computer 1960s

From: Bob Wood <altair8800_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Dec 16 05:18:14 1998

From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_yowza.com>

Wait a minute. Who's high bidder right now? Why it's Dealer Bob. Hi,
Bob. I thought you were only into Altairs :-)


When I was in high school a friend and I saw one of these.
He was so inspired by this thing's ability to
play tic, tac, toe that he built a similar
device from my pinball machine parts and entered
it into the local Science Fair.

The Minivac is interesting to me because (being an old
man) my tinkering began with electro-mechanical technology.
I could look at this stuff and "see" how it works.
I found it very difficult to make the transition to
solid state and digital technology. After so many years
of relays and blade switches, I just could not "see" what
was happening inside those IC packages. For that reason
I walked away from it. I now wish I had approached it differently.

As for my "Dealer Bob" status, afraid I still have most
of the Altairs. I have only sold duplicate items and
not even all of the duplicates. Still have both of my
Attaches. Have become way too attached to the stuff.

Bob Wood

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