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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Dec 16 08:58:08 1998

> > > > And by the way, to catch up with the title - is there any
> > > > other Commodore B500 around, or a Pascal Microengine ?
> > > I hear of more of the P/B500 in europe then here, actually in the U.S. I think
> > > there are maybe three or so around, since they never were oficially released
> > > past the late prototype stage (due to one of Commodore's run-ins with the
> > > FCC). Dunno how many (if any) they sold in europe.
> > I never have seen any B500 beside mine, but I know the P500
> > story - just the B500 is more like the B128/CBM 600.

> So no joystick ports, or VIC-II chip? Hmm, from examinging the PCB, I wonder
> if it is a universal design, cause there are a bunch of unused pads here and
> there (looks like it could sport 128k, and there was another connector pad
> (besides the co-processor one), maybe for more RAM?

The design is similar to the 600 (whitch is I think the B-128 board)
The B500 is almost a 600 - the PCB is dated a bit earler than the
earlyest 600 I know and the PS mounting is diferent, but basicly
the same. No, there are no joysticks and no VIC-II, but the port
for the joysticks is available (like on the 600). The unit has
128 K of RAM an spares for another 128 K.

> If anyone has a B-128 handy; pop it open, the joyport sockets would be in the
> far left-hand corner, (if you look from the 'front' of the board) I've been
> curious about this. :/

The port pins are available ... but to be shure I will
open both this evening - I have them richt now in the
living room :)

Maybe I'll take the B500 to VCF 4.0 we just need some
other P500 and B128 and 600s and 700s for a comparable
display (No, for VCF 3.0 I finaly want to show up with
some eastern European units).

> > CBM 9000 aka MMF aka SuperPET - still kind of a dream for most
> > commo collectors (like the 900). Other than the most desired
> > rare Commodores, the 9000 was a production unit and supported.

> Also alot of schools (secondary and more so, colleges) bought them.

Shure ? In Germany they have been very rare, since the price
was almost double the 8032 12".


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