Free PDP-8/10/11 (and related hardware) manuals (&boards)

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Date: Wed Dec 16 08:06:19 1998

Free (*) manuals, maybe some hardware too.

Multiple sets of ASR-33 teletype maintainance volumes and print sets.

Dynex Series 6000 Disk Drive instruction (/maint) manual.

System Industries Model 3040 manual.
System Industries Modem 3051 print set.
(I have the OMNIBUS card for these around here someplace too.)

Diablo Series 40 print set & manual.

Plessy PM-80 (or something like that) prints set & manual (I think
I have one or two of the cards too), it's OMNIBUS core memory.

Four trays of PDP-11 paper-tape diagnostics.

Some kind of Roytron/Litton OEM punch manual (I need to look at this
one and make sure it's not something in a DEC box).


PDP-8/e (ONLY!) maintainance manual Vol 1. (note: old version!)

PDP10 reference handbook. (big)

Decsystem 10 TECO

Decsystem 10 Users Handbook, 2nd ed (big)

EMAIL replies to me, not to the newsgroup or mailing list.

(*): Free for the cost of shipping. I will use subjective criteria
in resolving between multiple requesters for the same material. I
apologize in advance if I do not personally reply to you.

Aaron Nabil
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