PDP-8 Core

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_freegate.com>
Date: Wed Dec 16 16:15:07 1998

At 06:47 PM 12/16/98 +0000, Tony wrote:
>Do you have a non-working core unit, or are you totally without any memory?
>I have an 8/e here (no spare core, sorry), and can probably help you sort out
>non-working driver boards.

I have a working core-plane, and a mostly working G227 board, but the only
G104 board I've come across was modified extensively (It looks as if it was
modified to be an 8K sense amp) The prints on the PSU are pretty straight
forward, I appears to be the feedback loop in the switcher has insufficient
gain to keep the power levels up (and I see a lot of ripple.) I've verified
the filter caps are all good and not leaking.

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