Another ~1960 computer kit - Philips?

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Date: Wed Dec 16 17:14:35 1998

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> The other is, I think, considerably rarer. It was made by Philips, and
> called the CL1600 series. It consists of a number of logic blocks that
> can be wired (using patch leads) as a general 3-input logic gate. There
> are 3 input sockets (A,B,C), one output socket (F) with a lamp next to
> it, and 8 sockets to program the logic function, Another module, the same
> size contained a battery-operated PSU and 6 input switches

I think I might have a large version of this. I considered it a logic trainer,
not a computer. The description of one of the blocks is the same. "There are 3
input sockets (A,B,C), one output socket (F) with a lamp next to it. Mine are
white, about 2" square. The leads are black with gold tips of three varying
lengths. I also have 6 different logic modules. I have a total of 30 to 50
modules and a couple of hundred leads. The large plug board is about 2' X 3'
and powered by 120V AC. I haven't checked the power supply but I think the
voltage on the logic units is about 2 or 3 volts. The whole assembly fits in
its own wood travel case with handles.

I have never found any info about this. There is no manufacturer's label
anywhere on the units.

I will try to get pictures of this in the next few days. Thurs. & Fri. I am
out of town, it may wait till I return.

> There were some extension modules that I never had. One seemed to be the
> same logic module with a relay as the output in place of the lamp. You
> could control little model motors, etc using it. Another was a flip-flop
> module. And there were probably others.
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