Commodore machines that never made it?

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 22:31:37 1998

Here is a definitive list, which I have compiled.

The unproduced models are at the end.


Archive-name: cbm-model-list.2.0.txt
Version: 2.0
Last-modified: 1998-04-11

Here is the newest edition of the Canonical List of Commodore Products. It
contains informations on every piece of Commodore equipment I have heard of
to date. Please help me weed out all the inconsistencies and nail down all
the information.

==========================Notes for this Release==============================

PET models were also named with CBM prefixes. i.e PET 4016 = CBM 4016.

Difference in naming early PETs exist. A PET 2001-8N could also be
referred to as a PET 2001N-8K or PET 2001N-8. All are the same machine.

Since the decision to boot in lowercase or uppercase mode was based on
type of ROM, any machine can boot in either.

If you know of a model that is listed above that had differing properties,
please tell me. Examples are a bigger monitor than what I have listed,
Different closing mechanism on Drive, etc.

This list comprises all machines that have been put out in some market.
For this reason, the 364, C65, and others are include in the second
list at the end of this document.

The stars indicate that someone has seen this machine in production.
Their friends own one, etc.

The two letters at far right indicate that someone owns this machine.
The names are in Mnemonic, and the expansions are directly above these

Before emailing me with updates to an item, please make sure the item number
is not alrady in the list. Sometimes I have people tell me that X is a
disk drive, when X is in the list already as something else. I can't tell
which one is right, so if you find contradictory info, please acknowledge
that your info does not match mine and what your opinion is regarding which
info is correct.

Any item that has letters after it in the far right column not only exists,
but is owned by someone. Now, a typo is always possible, but please keep
that in mind when telling me an item was never made, since Commodore
sometimes never marketed an item in some countries.

I put in any item that I think _might_ have made it to market, so everyone
needs to continually check up on me.

There list is in two parts: Marketed and Not-Marketed, since some models
were produced but never sold at the time of production (C65 is one of them),
and some models never got past the "pipe-dream" stage.

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I hope you enjoy the list. It is the result of over 4 years of continual

Jim Brain

======================Questions Still Left to Answer==========================

The PET 2001NT: Which PET 2001 was it, 08,16,32?

Some needs to explain to me why the 700 model is an LP machine when the rest
of the 700 line are HP machines....

ony Scatt sent me some discussion about the CBM 3000 model, mentioning an 11
key keyboard variant and a 20 key kaeyboard variant. I have noted below that
some 3000 machines were simply rebaded 2001 machines. Does that explain the
11/20 discrepency?

I need to go through Andre Fachat's PET Index and synchronize information,
but I need time to do so. You can peruse it at

===========Canonical List of Commodore Computer Equipment ====================
---------------------Products Produced In Some Quantity:----------------------

Office Equipment:
* 264CD Office Desk RS

Calculator Series:
* 202 electric, 1 digit display with slider indiciator,
                black case, white keypad, black,white,red keys SN B-63768 WW
* 208 mechanical tape calc with red/black ribbon. MI
* Blue LEDs, basic math, cream color, blue/red butons. TA
* Scientific calc, made in England, 44 extra keys BD
* 401 paper readout, darkgreen/bluegreen DV
* 774D Red LED, 9 digit, white keys. Red clear and blue op keys. BA
* 796M red LED, 8 digit, black plastic, 19 keys JR
* 797D Red LED, basic math+memory and percentage, cream/blk keys BD
* 797M red LED, 8 digit, cream plastic, 23 keys. JB
* 886D 8 dig red LED, white case, keys white, blue and 1 red GY
* 886D lt brown w/dark brown base, keys white, blue and red GY
* 887D 8 dig Red LED, white, black trim, white, red, blue keys. RI
* 897D 10 digit Red LED, basic math, percent, one memory. GK
* AL-1000 14 nixie tube readout
* C108 green LED, basic math, black, colored buttons DV
* CIL 40 LCD, 8 digit, "electronic switching", cream / brown metal JR
                case, CMOS slimline, 23 keys, 198?
* CQ-SWAT yellow LCD dual display, 8 digit, world time, silver metal JR
                case, CMOS slimline, 30 keys.
* GL-976M green LED, 7 digit, white / black plastic case, 19 lrg keys.JR
  GL-979R blk-cream case,Colored buttons,green LED,basic calc+mem+x^2
* GL-987R 8 dig grn LED, blk w/silver trim, wht,red,blu keys basic BZ
* GL-996R rechargeable, green LED, 8 digit, b&w plastic case, 23 key JR
                similar to GL models, early LCD.
* GL-997R blk-cream case,colored buttons,green LED,basic calcs+memory TE
* LC5K1 yellow LCD, 8 digit, gold/brown metal case, 24 keys, CMOS JR
* LC925 yellow LCD, 8 digit, brown/cream plastic case, 25 keys, JR
* LC5K2 JC
* MM3M Cream, Colored buttons, Red LED readout, basic math, 1 mem. JB
* MM3M (Conv) MM3M with Volume, Area, Metric Conversions JP
* MM3R MM3M without memory. SN#066387 PE
* MM6 blk-silver case,basic calcs,red LED,switchable dec point,
                9V battery TE
* MM6X MM6 with enter key LA
* N60 14 dig grn LED, silver nums, blue func, lt-blu mem, navigat WZ
* N80 10 dig LED, white nums, blue func, lt-blu mem, navigational FR
* P50 Program. red LED, 13 digit, brown/gold plastic, 49 keys JR
* S61 Statist. green LED, 14 digit, black plastic case, 60 keys. JR
* SR-1400 "Electronic Slide Rule Calculator" may 5, 1975 JS
* SR-1800 Black, Colored buttons, Green LED readout, Trig. FB
* SR-36 Scient. red LED, 13 digit, black plastic, 37 keys JR
* SR4912 LED, 13 digit, black plastic, 49 keys JR
* SR-9190R Black, 10 Red LED, 49 keys, white num keys, SN#26612. RI
* SR-4120R SR-4148R TE
* SR-4148R blk case,colored buttons(48),10 red LED,
                basic calc+memory+trig+x^y+statistics TE
* SR-100NC black case,49 colored buttons (most of them twice used),
                scientific calcs (was originally sold as QUELLE Privileg
                but is from Commodore) TE
* US*3 8 dig + sign, larger light brown case, blk num keys, basic BZ
* US*8 Desk model, 8 amber LED & overflow,black,keys wht,blu,red GY
Video Game Series:
* CBM 2000K Commodore TV Game 2000K, JR
                Basically same as CBM 3000H, but with 4 'bats', two internal
                and 2 mini-jacks in back. PAL output. Black plastic case.
* CBM 3000H Commodore TV Game 3000H, LJ
                Pong-type game. Labels in English and German, Games include
                "target", "tennis", "football", "squash". Amateur or Pro
                settings, 1-4 player. Basic pot bats, bat #1 is built into
                unit. Runs on 9VDC or batteries. Outputs to UHF36. 2 ports
                at rear. One 5 pin DIN for light rifle (lightpen), other
                for two more bats. PAL output.
Trainer Series:
* KIM-1 Computer Trainer: Has hex keypad and LED readout CK

PET 2000 Series:Renamed to CBM 20XX, XX = RAM, when Philips forbid PET use.
                Most CBM renamed units powered up in lowercase and had a
                different keyboard config, while the PET machines booted in
                uppercase. B and N notation alternately put after RAM amount
                in name (PET 2001B-32 = PET 2001-32B)
                Black (B) or Blue (N) Trim, 9" (9) or 12" (2) screen,
                Built-In Cassette with Chiclet Keys (C),
                Business Style Keyboard with No Graphics on Keys (K), or
                Home Computer with Number Keys and Graphics on Keys (H),
                Green/White screen (G) or Black/White screen (W)
* PET 2001-4K 4kB, CB GP
* PET 2001-8K 8kB, CN9 GP
* PET 2001-8C 8kB, CN9W, SN#0620733, No "WAIT 6502,X" GL
* PET 2001-8C 8kB, CB9G, SN#0629836, No "WAIT 6502,X" GL
  PET 2001-16K 16kB, CN9
  PET 2001-32K 32kB, CN9
  PET 2001B-8 8kB, K2
  PET 2001B-16 16kB, K2
  PET 2001B-32 32kB, BK9W, boots in lowercase RB
  PET 2001B-32 32kB, K2
  PET 2001N-8 8kB, H2
* PET 2001N-16 16kB, H9 CH
  PET 2001N-16 16kB, H2
* PET 2001N-32 32kB, H, BASIC 4.0, CS
* PET 2001NT Teacher's PET. Same as 2001N, just rebadged
* MDS 6500 Modified 2001N-32 with matching 2040 drive. 500 made. GP

CBM 3000 Series: 40 Col. Screen, BASIC 2.0-2.3, Same Board as Thin 4000
                 3001 series in Germany were just 2001's with big Keyboard.
* CBM 3008 8kB, 9" Screen. EG
* CBM 3016 16kB
* CBM 3032 32kB. SL

CBM 4000 Thin Series: 9" Screen, 40 Column Only, Basic 4.0.
CBM 4000 Fat Series: 12" Screen, Upgradeable to 80 Column, When upgraded
                      to 80 Columns, the systems were 8000's.
  CBM 4004 4kB, One Piece.
* CBM 4008 8kB, One Piece. SF
* CBM 4016 16kB, One Piece. KK
* CBM 4032 32kB, One Piece JB
* CBM 4064 Educator 64 in 40XX case. green screen (no Fat option) GP

CBM 8000 Series:12" Screen, 80 Column, BASIC 4.0
                SK means "SoftKey", or "Separated Keyboard" All -SK and d
                units were enclosed in CBM 700/B series HP cases.
  CBM 8008 8kB, One Piece
  CBM 8016 16kB, One Piece
* CBM 8032 32kB, One Piece GP
* CBM 8032-32 B 8032 in Higher Profile case (HP). Could install LP drives. GP
* CBM 8032 SK 32kB, Detached Keyboard, SK = SoftKey or Separated Keyboard.EG
  CBM 8096 96kB, 8032 with 64kB ram card
* CBM 8096 SK 96kB, Detached Keyboard.
* CBM 8096d 8096 + 8250LP SL
* CBM 8296 128kB, Detached Keyboard, Brown like 64, LOS-96 OS TL
* CBM 8296d 8296 + 8250LP SL
* "CASSIE" Synergistics Inc. rebadged 8032 AH
SuperPet Series:Sold in Germany as MMF (MicroMainFrame) 9000
                Machines sold in Italy had 134kB of RAM.
* CBM SP9000 Dual uP 6502/6809, 96kB RAM, business keyboard. GP

CBM B Series: 6509 _at_ 2MHz, 6545/6845 Video, 6526 CIA, 6581 SID, BASIC 4.0+
                (Sometimes called BASIC 4.5)
                Commodore differentiated between the HP (High Profile) and
                LP (Low Profile) series by naming all HP machine CBM.
                (B128-80HP was CBM128-80). Also, any machine with optional
                8088 CPU card had 'X' after B or CBM (BX128-80).
* CBM B128-80HP 128kB, Detached Keyboard, Cream. GP
* CBM B128-80LP 128kB, One-Piece, Cream, New Keyboard. GP
* CBM B256-80HP 256kB, Detached Keyboard, Cream.
* CBM B256-80LP 256kB, One-Piece, Cream. GP
* CBM B128-40 6567, 6581, 6509, 6551, 128kB. In B128-80LP case.
  CBM B256-40 6567, 6581, 6509, 6551, 256kB. In B128-80LP case.
* CBM B500 128kB. KO
* CBM B500 256kB. board same as B128-80. GP

CBM 200 Series
* CBM 200 CBM 8032 SK VM
  CBM 210 ???
* CBM 220 CBM 8096 SK

CBM 500 Series: 6509, 6567, 6581, 6551. B series LP case, BASIC 4.0+
                Sometimes called PET II series.
* CBM 500 256kB. (is this the 500, or should it 515?) EC
* CBM 505 64kB.
* CBM 510 128kB.

CBM 600 Series: Same as B series LP
* CBM 610 B128-80 LP CS
* CBM 620 B256-80 LP CS
CBM 700 Series: Same as B series HP. Also named PET 700 Series
* CBM 700 B128-80 LP (Note this unit is out of place here)
* CBM 710 B128-80 HP SL
* CBM 720 B256-80 HP GP
* CBM 730 720 with 8088 coprocessor card
  CBM 740 ????
  CBM 750 ????
  CBM 760 ???? 3 processors and 1 MB RAM.

VIC-20 Series: 22*23 screen, 5kB RAM, Basic 2.0, one piece.
                Could be hooked to TV with RF modulator.
                Cream (C), or Off-White (O) case.
                Flat top keys with Square type font on keycaps (S),
                Indent top keys with somewhat square font and thin letters
                for RESTORE/CLR/HOME/INST... (I), or
                Indent top keys with rounded type font (R).
                2 Prong PS adaptor (2) or DIN PS adaptor (D).
                Black/Silver Decals (B), or Brown/Color Decals (H).
                5 pin video connector (5), or 8 pin video connector (8)
                "2" implies VIC-20 motherboard. "D" implies VIC-20CR
* VIC-20 1 SOB2 GP
* VIC-20 2 ICHD GP
* VIC-20 3 ROB2 GP
* VIC-20 4 RCHD8 JB
* VIC-20 5 SCHD JB
* VIC-20 6 VIC with 2001K Keyboard. MS
* VIC-20 7 RCBD5 SD
* VIC-20 8 CS2B5 RN
* VIC-20 9 CI2B5 RN
* VIC-20 10 CIH25 BZ
* VIC-20 11 ROBD5 BZ
* VIC-10 Japanese VIC with 2001K keyboard.
* VIC-1001 VIC-10? Japanese VIC with both chars printed on keys. TG
* VC-20 1 SCHD5 (German) (source says has beige instead of grey? case)
* VC-20 2 RCHD5 (German) MH
* VC-20 3 R5OB2 (German) Color VIC logo... CE
* VC-20 4 HD (cheap label) (German) RC
* VC-20 5 HD (better aluminum label) (German) RC
* VC-20 6 2 (UK) RC

CBM-64 Series: 40*25 screen, 64kB RAM, BASIC 2.0, one piece, TV ouput.
                Called VIC-64 in Sweden.
                Off-white VIC case (O), Brown Breadbox case (B),
                Cream Breadbox case (C)
                Flat top keys with Square type font on keycaps (S),
                Indent top keys with somewhat square font and thin letters
                for RESTORE/CLR/HOME/INST... (I), or
                Indent top keys with rounded type font (R).
                Black/Silver Decals (L), or Brown/Color Decals (H).
                5 pin video connector (5), or 8 pin video connector (8)
* CBM 64 1 SO
* CBM 64 2 SBH8 JB
* CBM 64 3 RBH8 JB
* CBM 64 4 RCH8 (Referred to as a C64G) ME
* CBM 64 5 RB5L JB
* CBM 64 (JP) Chiclet Keyboard sold in Japan. (Might be MAX Machine)
* Jubilee 64 64 in Golden case, announcing 1,000,000 units (160 units)
* SX-64 Portable 64 With 5" Color Screen, One 1541 Built-in. GP
* CBM-64C Cream Sloping Case, Cream Keys, GFX on front of keys JB
* CBM-64C Cream Sloping Case, Cream Keys, GFX on top of keys. JB
  CBM-64II C64C
* Educator 64-1 64 Rev1 Kernal without monitor in 64 case. RS
* Educator 64-2 64 Rev1 Kernal, green monitor, PET case. GP
* PET64 CBM 4064 (Educator 64-2) GP
* (Color) MAX 64 with 16kB, no Keyboard, just Exp. Port and Video Out. EC
  Unimax MAX Machine.
* Ultimax MAX Machine. FH
  CBM VC-10 C-64 with stripped down Basic 2.0, 2.5kB RAM, Ultimax
* CBM C64GS Game Console, GS = Game System. 64 with no keyboard. MM

C-128 Series: 128kB, Cream Case, 40*25 and 80*25 screen, 64 and CP/M em.
* C-128 One-Piece Unit, 16kB VDC. GP
* C-128 One-Piece Unit, 64kB VDC.
* C-128D Two-Piece,16K VDC, Used C128 board, internal 1571. Fan
* C-128DCR C128D with 64K VDC, Metal Case, Cost Reduced, No Fan. DL

CBM 264 Series: Charcoal Grey Case, 40*25 screen
* Plus/4 New Keyboard and Case design, 64kB RAM, 6551 UART GP
* C-16 64 Case and Keyboard Style, 16kB RAM JB
* C-116 C-16 with Chiclet keys and smaller case SL

Amiga Series: 680X0 processor, Off White Case
* A500 One piece, 68000, Off-White, 880K 3.5" Floppy FF
* A500+ A500 + 2MB Agnus, 1MB Chip Ram Expandable to 2 MB
* A600 One piece, 68000, White,ECS Chips,PCMCIA Slot,880K Floppy.
* A600HD A600 with 40 MB HD.
* A1000 Detached Keyboard, 68000, Cream, 256kB, 880K Floppy.
* A1000-1 Detached older style keyboard, 68000, no daughterboard CS
* A1000-2 Has both daughter and motherboards YC
* A1200 White, 68EC020, PCMCIA slot,AGA graphics, one piece. AC
  A1200HD/40 A1200 with 40 MB HD.
* A1500 UK released A2000 with two drives
* A2000A detached keyboard, slots, 68000, .5 MB on board, .5 MB on
                card in processor slot, German design
* A2000B US design, 1 MB on motherboard, CPU slot free MN
* A2000HD A2000 with installed 50 MB SCSI hard disk. GR
* A2500/20 A2000 with A2620(68020,68881,68851 _at_14.3MHz) processor card.CS
* A2500/30 A2000 with A2630(68030,68882 _at_25 MHz) processor card. CS
* A2500UX A2500 with UNIX and TapeDrive
* A3000/16 ECS graphics, 68030 and 68881 _at_ 16 MHz, SCSI hard drive
* A3000/25 ECS graphics, 68030 and 68882 _at_ 25 MHz, SCSI hard drive BZ
* A3000T Tower Case with more slots.
* A3000T/40 Tower Case with more slots and 68040
* A3000UXA A3000 with ATT Unix V.4, 5MB RAM, 100MB HD.
* A3000UXB A3000 with ATT Unix V.4, 10MB RAM, 200MB HD.
* A4000/030 AGA graphics, 68EC030, IDE HD, 1.76 MB Floppy, no MMU.
* A4000/040 White, AGA graphics, 68040, IDE HD, 1.76 MB Floppy. FF
* A4000T Tower Case with More Slots.
* Amiga CD32 Based on A1200, double speed CD-ROM, no keyboard.
* CDTV Black case, based on A500+ with CD-ROM, no keyboard, Remote.FF

PC Series:
* A1060 DOS/PC SideCar that connects to an A1000.
* A2088 8088 BridgeBoard for A2000 and higher (4.77 MHz).
* A2088D A2088 _at_ 9.54 MHz.
* A2286/8 80286 _at_ 8MHz BridgeCard.
* A2386/16 80386 _at_ 16MHz BridgeCard.
* A2386/20 80386 _at_ 20MHz BridgeCard.
* A2386/25 80386 _at_ 25MHz BridgeCard.
  Hyperion PC Clone. Looked like Dynalogic Hyperion
* PC-1 8088 _at_ 4.77 MHz, Non-expandable.
  PC-IV ???
* PC-5 8088 _at_ 4.77 MHz, 256kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, monochrome. SL
* PC-10 8088 _at_ 4.77 MHz, 256kB RAM, 2 Floppies, Large Case, German.
* PC-10 HD PC-10 with 640kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, 30 MB HD.
* PC-20 PC-10 with 1 Floppy/1 10MB HD. RS
* PC-30 80186 (US only) RS
* PC-40 80286 _at_ 10 MHz, Large Case RS
* PC-50 80386SX _at_ 25MHz. RS
* PC-60 80386DX _at_ 16 MHz German.
* PC-70 Pentium, US only model.
* PC-10 II PC-10 with "Combined Board", 640 KB RAM. BZ
* PC 20-II PC-10 II with 1 floppy, 10 MB HD, later 20 MB.
* PC 10-III-1 PC-10, large case, CGA + Hercules.
* PC 10-III-2 PC-10, small case, turbo mode 9.54 MHz, CGA + Hercules.
* PC 20-III PC-10 III with 1 floppy, 20 MB HD.
* PC 30-III cheaper variant of PC 40-III (EGA, smaller HD, etc.).
* PC 35-III PC-30 III with VGA
* PC 40-III-1 AT with 80286, 12 MHz, HD floppy, 20 MB HD, VGA&iO on cards
* PC 40-III-2 PC 40-III, Colt style "all-in-one" brd, called Sel. Ed. 286 RM
* PC 40-III-3 PC 40-III in tower case.
* PC 45-III a bit bigger HD
* PC 60-III AT 80386 _at_ 25 MHz, 0-200 MB HD, 5.25" and 3.5" FD, Tower.
* PC Colt Denoted a line of rebadged CBM PC units. BZ
  SL 286 AT 80286 _at_ 16 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 3.5" FD, Slimline.
  SL 286 AT as above but with extra 5.25" FD, Slimline.
  SL 386 SX 80386SX _at_ 16 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 3.5" FD.
  SL 386-SX25 80386SX _at_ 25 MHz, SVGA 2MB RAM, 80 MB HD.
  DT 386-25 80386DX _at_ 25 MHz, VGA, 1MB RAM, 40 MB HD, Desktop.
  DT 386-33 C 80386DX _at_ 33 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80/100 MB HD.
  DT 486-33 C 80486DX _at_ 33 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80-120 MB HD.
  DT 486SX-25 80486SX _at_ 25 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 80 MB HD.
* DT 486SX-25 80486SX _at_ 25 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 120 MB HD. DA
  DT 486-25 C 80486DX _at_ 25 MHz, SVGA?, 4MB RAM, 100 MB HD.
  T 486-25 C DT 486-25 C in Tower Case.
  T 486-50 C 80486DX _at_ 50 MHz, SVGA, 4MB RAM, 120 MB HD.
* C 286 LT 12 80286 _at_ 12.5 MHz, 1MB RAM, 20 MB HD, 3.5" FD Notebook.
* C 386SX-LT 80386SX _at_ 16 MHz, VGA (8 gray scale), 1 MB RAM, 20MB HD SA
* C 386SX-LT 20 80386SX _at_ 20 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD Notebook.
* C 386SX-LT 20 80386SX _at_ 20 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 60 MB HD Notebook.
* C 486SX-CLT 80486SX color notebook.
* CL450e 80486DX _at_ 50 MHz, 32 bit EISA bus, SN# E4500007 JO
* 4S3MPC 80486SX _at_ 33 MHz, VESA SVGA, 4MB RAM, 170 MB HD, *2 CD/Snd

Cassette Series:Took regular cassettes, non standard format data.
                Note: 1530 is same as C2N. Therefore, variations were not
* CBM C2N-1 Black, 8.00"Lx5.25"Wx2.50"H, 5 button, No Tape Ctr. GP
* CBM C2N-2 Cream C2N-1, Tinted Window, Tape Counter. JB
* CBM C2N-3 C2N-2 with bolder logo. GP
* CBM C2N-4 Cream, 6.00"Lx7.75"Wx2.00"H, 6 button,Clear Win., Tape Ctr. GP
* CBM C2N-5 C2N-4 with no counter label, orange under cassette. GP
* CBM C2N-6 C2N-4 with no save label, bolder logo. GP
* CBM C2N-7 C2N-4 with tinted win., bolder logo. BG
* CBM 1531 Charcoal Grey C2N-6, Commodore 16/+4 Cassette Drive TH
* CBM Load-It LED Readout, Adjustment Screw

Disk Drive Series:
* Amiga 1010 Single 3.5" 880K, offered for Amiga 1000, AmigaSerial. MJ
* Amiga 1011 Single 3.5" 880K, offered for Amiga 500 & 2000, AmigaSerial.JM
* Amiga 1020 Single 5.25", 440K Amiga, 360K MS-DOS, In 1571 Case. CS
* Amiga 2010 Single 3.5", 880K Internal for A2000/2500.
* Amiga 2020 Single 5.25", 440K Internal for A2000.
* Amiga 3010 Single 3.5", 1.76M Dual Speed, internal.
* CBM 1541 *All types, see VIC 1541*
* CBM 1541C Single 5.25" 170K, updated 1541, Brown, Turn-Down,Serial.
* CBM 1541C Single 5.25" 170K, updated 1541, Cream, Turn-Down,Serial. GP
* CBM 1541C Single 5.25" 170K, updated 1541, Cream, Push-Down,Serial. GP
* CBM 1541 II Single 5.25" 170K, Cream, Sep. PS, Direct Drive, Serial. GP
* CBM 1541 II Single 5.25" 170K, Cream, Sep. PS, Belt Drive, Serial. JB
* CBM 1542 Single 5.25" 170K, Charcoal Grey, Serial.
* CBM 1551 1541, Push-Down Closure, Chacoal Grey, TED Parellel. RJ
* CBM 1551 1541, Turn-Down Closure, Chacoal Grey, TED Parellel. PB
* CBM 1570 Single 5.25" SS Version of 1571, Cream in 1541 case. GP
* CBM 1571 Single 5.25" 340K(128),170K(64),CPM,Cream,Alps Mech,Serial. GP
* CBM 1571 Single 5.25" 340K(128),170K(64),CPM,Cream,NewT Mech,Serial. GP
* CBM 1571CR Internal 1571 used in C128D
* CBM 1572 Dual 1571, Cream color, 5000 made, side-by-side device 0&1
* CBM 1581 Single 3.5" 800K, Cream, Serial. JB
* CBM 2020 dual ???" external floppy drives LI
* CBM 2031 Single 5.25" 170K, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2031-SL Single 5.25" 170K, Off-White, IEEE-488. (SL = Slim Line)
* CBM 2031 LP Single 5.25" 170K, DOS2.6, Off-White, 1541 Case,IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2031 LP Single 5.25" 170K, DOS2.6, Tan, 1541 Case,IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2040 Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.0, Off-White, No Rel Files, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2040 Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS1.2, Off-White, No Rel Files, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2081 Single 5.25" ?????
* CBM 3040 2040. GP
* CBM 4031 HP 2031 HP. (Has 4040 Mechanism) SL
* CBM 4031 LP 2031 LP.
* CBM 4040 Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS2.0, Off-White, IEEE-488.
* CBM 4040 Dual 5.25" 170K, DOS2.1, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 8050 Dual 5.25" 512K, DOS2.1, Off-White, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8050 Dual 5.25" 512K, DOS2.5, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 8050 Dual 5.25" 512K, DOS2.7, Off-White, IEEE-488. JB
  CBM 8060 Single 8", 750K, Off-White, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8061 Dual 8", 1.6M, Off-White, IEEE-488.(IBM 3740 and CBM format)GP
* CBM 8062 Dual 8", 3.2M, Off-White, IEEE-488.(IBM 3740 and CBM format)
* CBM 8250 Dual 5.25" 1MB, DOS2.7, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 8250 LP Dual 5.25" 1MB, DOS2.7, Off-White, Half Height, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 8280 Dual 8" 1MB, DOS3.0, Off-White, Read IBM disks, Slimline. WA
* CBM D9060 5 MB Hard Drive, DOS3.0, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM D9090 7.5 MB Hard Drive, DOS3.0, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CD 1411 Black version of Amiga 1011. CDTV dedicated.
* PC 910 Single 3.5" 360K/720K, Internal for PC10/20-I-II-III.
* PC 915 Newer 910.
* PC 920 Single 5.25" 360K/1.2M, Internal for PC10/20-I-II-III.
* SFD 1001 Single 5.25" 1MB, In 1541 Case, DOS2.7, Brown, IEEE-488. JB
* SFS 481 CBM 1551. (This was its first number, then they renamed it)
* VIC 1540 Single 5.25" 170K, Off-White, Xfer spd > 1541, Serial.
* VIC 1541 Single 5.25" 170K, Push-Down Closure, Off-White, Serial JB
* VIC 1541 Single 5.25" 170K, Push-Down Closure, Brown, Serial. JB
* VIC 1541 Single 5.25" 170K, Turn-Down Closure, Brown, Serial. JB

Printer Series:
* CBM 530 Small Receipt Printer, 70mm paper roll, black/red ribbon BC
* CBM 1526 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 8*8 Matrix No GFX, Brown, Serial 60cps. JB
  CBM 2021 80 Col. Matrix Electrosatic (Thermal) Printer, GFX.
* CBM 2022 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 7*6 Matrix No GFX, Off-White, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 2023 Friction-Only 2022.
* CBM 3022 2022 for PET 3000, IEEE-488. SL
* CBM 3023 2023 for PET 3000, IEEE-488. TL
* CBM 4022 80 Col, 10" Wide 8*6 Matrix No GFX, Epson MX-80, IEEE-488. SL
* CBM 4022p Bidirectional 4022, Epson MX-70?, IEEE-488.
* CBM 4023 80 Col. 10" Wide 8*8 Matrix No GFX, NLQ, Brown, IEEE-488. GP
* CBM 6400 C.Itoh Starwriter F10-40, Centronics or IEEE-488 SL
  CBM 8022 ?
* CBM 8023 80 Col. 14" Wide 8*8 Matrix No GFX, Off White, IEEE-488 JB
  CBM 8023P 136 Col. 15" Wide 8*6 Matrix, GFX, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8024 132 Col. Mannesman Tally, 7*7, Upgrade to 7*9, Cream, IEEE. GV
* CBM 8024/A 132 Col. Mannesman Tally, 9*7, 160 cps bidirectional. SL
* CBM 8024L 8024 Multi-Pass NLQ Printer, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8026 OLYMPIA ESW-103, TypeWriter Printer, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8026b 8026 Extended.?
* CBM 8027 8026 without Keys, IEEE-488.
* CBM 8028 132 Col. 15" Daisy-Wheel, (Robotron), Cent./IEEE-488 SL
* CBM 8075 Plotter, available in 1 and 8 pen variety, IEEE-488
* CBM 8229 8028 with 16kB print buffer.
* CBM 8300P Diablo 630, Daisy Wheel, Cream, IEEE-488.
  CBM-P1 Daisy Wheel Printer.
* DPS 1101 132 Col. 13", Daisy-Wheel, Friction Feed, Juki 6100, Serial.
* DPS 1120 116-175 Col. 14.5" wide Daisy, Black, Serial. (Olympia) RH
* IP3300 Ink Jet Printer IM
* LPS 2000 Laser Printer, Centronics (Possibly German Only).
* MCS 801 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 8*8 Matrix GFX Color, Serial. FB
* MPC 801 Juki Color Printer HR
* MPP 1361 8023P. GP
* MPS 801 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 7*6 Matrix GFX, Brown, Serial. GP
* MPS 802 1526. JB
* MPS 803 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 7*6 Matrix GFX, Brown, Serial. GP
* MPS 803 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 7*6 Matrix GFX, Charcoal Grey, Serial. GP
* MPS 810 Okimate 10 ? CA
* MPS 820 Okimate 20 ? CA
* MPS 1000 Epson HomeWriter, US Version. 9 pin, 100cps draft. BZ
* MPS 1000 Epson HomeWriter, Intl. version with switchable charsets. GD
* MPS 1000 Seikosha 1000.
* MPS 1200 Citizen 120D. 9 pin 120 cps draft, CBM Serial interface. BW
* MPS 1200P MPS 1200 with Parallel Interface. DW
* MPS 1224C Mannesmann Tally, 24 pin Color Printer, MT Printer, Ser/Par
* MPS 1230 Citizen, 9 pin, Centronics. EB
* MPS 1250 Citizen, Serial/Centronics. BZ
* MPS 1270 Ink Jet Printer, uses Kodak Diconix Cartridges, Centronics. DL
* MPS 1500 ???
* MPS 1550 9 pin printer, Centronics.
* MPS 1550C 9 pin 4 color Printer, OLIVETTI DM105, Centronics. MH
* MPS 2000 NEC P6
* MPS 2000C NEC P6 Color
* MPS 2010 NEC P7
* MPS 2010C NEC P7 Color
* VIC 1510 ???? (predecessor of VIC 1515)
* VIC 1515 80 Col. 7.0" Wide 6*7 Matrix GFX, Off White, Serial. GY
* VIC 1520 80 Col. 4.0" Wide Plotter, GFX, Off White, 4 color. Serial
* VIC 1520 80 Col. 4.0" Wide Plotter, GFX, Brown, Paper Cover,Ser. GY
* VIC 1520 80 Col. 4.0" Wide Plotter, GFX, Brown, No Paper Cover,Ser. PZ
* VIC 1525 80 Col. 8.5" Wide 7*6 Matrix GFX, Off-White, Serial. JB
  VIC 1525e same as 1525, but ROMs implement slower bus for 64.

Monitor Series:
* CBM 1070 Dig&Analog RGBI. BR
* CBM 1080 13" Comp. Sep, Dig&Analog RGB YC
* CBM 1081 1987 German Amiga Monitor MK
* CBM 1083S-P1 13" Comp, Sep, D&A RGBI, Stereo, CVBS/RGB/LCA 1991 French PM
* CBM 1084 1080 with squarer case .42mm dot pitch
* CBM 1084-D 12" Comp. Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI, ???? case, Mono. FM
* CBM 1084S-P 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI, 1902 case, Stereo. FF
* CBM 1084S-P1 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI, 1084 case,stero hphone jack MJ
* CBM 1084S-D 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI, 1080 case, Stereo. JB
* CBM 1084S-D1 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI, 1084 case, Stereo. DE
* CBM 1085S 14" .52mm dot pitch 1084
* CBM 1402 12" Hercules Monitor SM
* CBM 1403 13" VGA.
* CBM 1404 14" Amber Monochrome.
* CBM 1407 14" VGA Monochrome, 64 grey tones.
* CBM 1450 Monochrome BISYNC monitor.
  CBM 1601 12" Monochrome monitor.
  CBM 1701 13" Comp, Sep, 5 pin DIN adaptor, JVC elec. Hitachi tube. JB
* CBM 1702 13" Comp, Sep, Came with 8 pin DIN adaptor. Magnavox. JB
  CBM 1703 Repackaged 1702 for 264 series, Was Charcoal Grey.
* CBM 1801 14" Comp, Sep, PAL. JT
* CBM 1802 13" Comp, Sep, Mono, Grey, one big knob in front. PS
* CBM 1802 13" Comp, Sep, Mono, Grey, Two small knobs in front.
* CBM 1802 13" Comp, Sep, Mono, Cream, Tilted screen.
* CBM 1802C 13" Comp, Sep, Mono, Cream, Straight screen.
* CBM 1900 12" Green Mono Monitor.
  CBM 1901 European 128 Monitor (Thomson). AC
* CBM 1902 13" Comp, Sep, Digital RGBI, has a 9 pin RGB plug. MP
* CBM 1902A 13" Comp, Sep, Digital RGBI, Looks like 1084, DIN RGB plug. DL
* CBM 1903 13" EGA
* CBM 1904 13" EGA
* CBM 1930 14" VGA .31mm dot pitch.
* CBM 1934 14" VGA .39mm dot pitch.
* CBM 1935-II 14" SVGA, .28mm dot pitch, MPR-II low radiation.
* CBM 1936 14" SVGA .28mm dot pitch.
* CBM 1944 13" EGA Low Radiation
* CBM 1940 Amiga Multiscan Monitor
* CBM 1942 Amiga Multiscan Monitor FF
* CBM 1950 13" MultiScan
* CBM 1960 13" MultiScan
* CBM 2002-23 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI. CS
* CBM 2002-89 13" Comp, Sep, Dig&Analog RGBI.
  CBM 2020
* CBM 2024 15" Grey scale 1024*1024(PAL), 1024*800(NTSC). IN
* CBM 2080 13" CBM 1080 with High Persistence Phosphors. TM
* CBM CM141 13" Comp, Sep., Grey. WS
* CBM CM8833 JA
* CBM DM-10 12" CGA monochrone text monitor for PC-10.
* Viking Moniterm: 19" Grey Scale 1024*1024, Made by Moniterm/CBM.
                2024 is similar, but has electronics in monitor.

Modem Series: Direct Connect (8010 is aucoustic).
* Amiga RS1200 0-1200 bps, Hayes Compatible
* Btx-Modul I Cartridge IC to display CEPT GFX (BTX = German CIS)
* Btx-Modul II Upgraded version of Btx-Modul I.
* CBM 1650 0-300 bps, Pulse Dial, known as 'Automodem' BZ
* CBM 1660 0-300 bps, Pulse Dial, Tone Dial with 64, Brown/White DV
* CBM 1660 0-300 bps, Pulse Dial, Tone Dial with 64, Cream/Black DV
* CBM 1670 0-1200 bps, Hayes Compatible, ATS0=0 turns off Auto-Answer BZ
* CBM 1670CR 1670 with DIP switches to turn off default auto-answer JB
* CBM 1680 1670 with true RS-232 for Amiga. BZ
* CBM 6499 300/300 and 1200/75 bps modem for 64. Italian Compunet? FF
* CBM 8010 0-300 bps, US & Euro Versions, IEEE-488 SL
* Compunet plugged into Exp. Port, Cream case.
* VIC 1600 0-300 bps, No dial. JB
* VM 2400 0-2400 bps, CCITT V.24, Model 701324, BTX, MNP 5, V.42bis RL

Mouse Series:
* CBM 1350 Emulates Joystick only BZ
* CBM 1351-1 Emulates Joy and prop mouse. sliding ball release IC
* CBM 1351-2 Emulates Joy and prop mouse. rotating ball release IC
* CBM 1352 Amiga 2 button Mouse, will work with PC-III models. MN
* CBM 1360 Serial Mouse for PC series.
* 313254-01 2 button Amiga mouse. BZ
* 313255-01 3 button Amiga mouse. CS
* CD-1252 Amiga 2 button mouse, black, infrared, CDTV dedicated
* CD-1253 CDTV mouse, 8.5 foot cable. black BB

RAM Expanders:
* 8032099 64kB RAM for 8032. RS
* A501 512kB for Amiga 500 AC
* A501+ 1MB for Amiga 500+
* A590 Ram Expansion 2MB, SCSI and XT bus for A500
* A601 1MB for Amiga 600
* A1050 256kB for Amiga 1000 (Under Front Cover) CS
* A2058-2 2MB for Amiga 2000, expandable to 8 BK
* CBM 1700 128kB. WS
* CBM 1750 512kB AC
* CBM 1764 256kB. JB
* CD 1401 Personal RAM Card for CDTV (64kB)
* CD 1405 Personal RAM card for CDTV (256kB)
* VIC 1110 8kB for VIC-20 WS
* VIC 1111 16kB for VIC-20 JB
* VIC 1210 3kB for VIC-20 BZ

* CBM 1399 MicroSwitches Joystick w/ Auto-Fire.
* Paddles, Dark Grey, Light Grey Knobs. GP
* T-1341 Plus 4 Joystick
* T-1342 Plus 4 Joystick BZ
                VIC Joystick, Atari style body and stick.
* VIC 1311 VIC Joystick, Rectangular body, triangular stick JB
* VIC 1312 VIC Paddles MP

CPU Upgrade Series:
* Amiga 2620 68020 and 68881 _at_ 14.3 MHz for A2000 CS
* Amiga 2630 68030 and 68882 _at_ 25 MHz for A2000 with 4MB RAM CS
* Amiga 3640 68040 CPU Card for A3000T. FF

Networking Series:
* Amiga 560 ARCNET for Amiga 500. MN
* Amiga 2060 ARCNET for A2000 for star topology MN
* Amiga 2060 ARCNET for A2000 for bus topology
* Amiga 2065 Ethernet for A2000
* Amiga 2232 7 Port Multi-Serial Card.
* MBS 100 Mehr-Benutzer-System (Multi-User-System) Mother Unit with SL
                one D-25 and 1 IEEE-488. Basically a simply-designed
                peripheral-sharing system
* MBS 150 Daughter Unit, had two D-25's and one IEEE-488
* MBS 150 MBS 150 with extra plug to connect 8032SK SL
* MBS-CP MBS System for Commodore 64.

Cartridge Series:
* C64108 Simons' BASIC JB
* International Soccer
* Magic Desk I MN
* Magic Voice Speech Module
* Music Machine
* Number Nabber JB
* Shape Grabber JB
* C64403 Music Composer JB
* C64601 Jupiter Lander MN
* C64602 Kickman * = Bally developed under CBM license JB
* C64603 Sea Wolf * JB
* C64604 Speed Math/Bingo Math
* C64605 Radar Rat Race
* C64606 Clowns * MN
* C64609 Visible Solar System
* C64610 Tooth Invaders
  C64612 Blueprint *
* C64613 Lazarian *
* C64614 Omega Race *
  C64615 Wizard of Wor
* C64616 Le Mans
* C64617 Pinball Spectacular
* C64618 Gorf
* C64621 Avenger JB
* C64622 Super Smash JB
* C64623 Star Post
* C64624 Frogmaster
* C64631 Star Ranger
* 64 Super Expander JB
* C16 Tutor JB
                Jelly Monsters VIC Cart, Pac Man Clone. GFX too close to AB
                Pac Man. Taken off Market. GFX changed. Re-released as
                Cosmic Crunchers.
* VIC 1211A VIC SuperExpander with 3kB RAM Expansion. (for VIC-20) (gm) JB
* VIC 1212 VIC Programmer's Aid. (for VIC-20) BZ
* VIC 1213 VIC Machine Language Monitor. (for VIC-20) HS
* VIC 1901 Avenger (VIC Avenger) (bp) GY
* VIC 1901 Avenger (VIC Avenger) (gm) JB
* VIC 1902 Star Battle
* VIC 1904 Slot (Super Slot), Japan, embossed aluminum label GY
* VIC 1905 Jelly Monsters, Handic SW, Sweden, silver foil label
* VIC 1906 Alien (Super Alien) (gm) JB
* VIC 1907 Jupiter Lander (Super Lander?) (gm) JB
* VIC 1908 Poker (Draw Poker) GY
* VIC 1909 Road Race (Midnight Drive) GY
* VIC 1909 Rat Race? Handic SW, Sweden, silver foil label AB
* VIC 1910 Radar Rat Race GY
* VIC 1911 The Sky Is Falling GY
* VIC 1912 Mole Attack (gm) JB
* VIC 1912 Mole Attack (bp) JB
* VIC 1913 Raid On Fort Knox, Hong Kong (gp) GY
* VIC 1913 Raid On Fort Knox, Hong Kong (bp) JB
* VIC 1914 Adventure Land GY
* VIC 1914 Adventure Land (bp) JB
* VIC 1915 Pirate's Cove GY
* VIC 1916 Mission Impossible GY
* VIC 1917 The Count GY
* VIC 1917 The Count (bp) JB
* VIC 1918 Voodoo Castle GY
* VIC 1919 Sargon II Chess (gm) JB
* VIC 1920 Pinball (Pinball Spectacular?), Hong Kong, grey plastic lab GY
* VIC 1921 Super Smash GY
* VIC 1921 Super Smash (bp) JB
* VIC 1922 Cosmic Cruncher (bp) JB
* VIC 1923 Gorf (bp) JB
* VIC 1924 Omega Race (bp) JB
* VIC 1924 Omega Race (gm) JB
* VIC 1925 Money Wars GY
* VIC 1926 Menagerie
* VIC 1927 Cosmic Jailhouse (Cosmic Jailbreak), Hong Kong, grey label
* VIC 1928 Home Babysitter
* VIC 1929 Personal Finance
* VIC 1930 Visible Solar System GY
* VIC 1931 Clowns GY
* VIC 1932 Garden Wars GY
* VIC 1933 Speed Math/Bingo Math GY
* VIC 1933 Speed Math/Bingo Math (bp) JB
* VIC 1935 Commodore Artist (gp) JB
* VIC 1937 Sea Wolf (bp) JB
* VIC 1938 Tooth Invaders GY
* VIC 1939 Star Post (bp) JB
* VIC 1941 Number Nabber Shape Grabber
  VIC 2011 VIC-Stat cartridge.
  VIC 2012 VIC-Graph cartridge.
  VIC 2013 VIC-Forth cartridge.
Cassette Software Series:
* An Introduction to BASIC Part I (VIC) PA
* An Introduction to BASIC Part II (VIC) PA
* C64301 An Introduction to BASIC Part I (64) JB
* VL110 Gorek and the Microchips JB
  VT106A Recreation Six Pack (Car Chase, Blue Meanies, Space Math,
                Slither/Super Slither, Bioryhtm Capability)
* VT107A Home Utility Six Pack (Cassette with Personal Finance I & 2,
                VIC Typewriter, Expense Calendar, Loan and Mort. Calc,
                Home Inventory DR
* VT108 Math Improvement Six Pack (Numbowl, LCM Machine, Sector
                Five, Backfire, Ruler Dueler, City Motel PA
* VT109 Six Pack Sampler (Crawler, Treasure of the Bat Cave, Big
                Wolf, Alpha Draw, Music Synthesizer, Super Seeker PA
Diskette Software Series:
* C64106 PILOT Programming Language (Large Book) JB
* C64207 Easy Script 64 (book, disks, and cardboard case JB
* C64220 General Ledger v1.0 JB
* C64221 Account's Receivable CO
* C64222 Account's Payable CO
* C64223 Payroll v1.0 CO
* C64626 Infocom Zork II (marketed under CBM name) JB
* C64628 Infocom Deadline (marketed under CBM name) JB
* C64711 Math III JB
* Introduction to Advanced BASIC Commands and Concepts JB
* Model 1541 Test/Demo Diskette JB
* Commodore 64 Screen Editor JB
Miscellaneous Series:
* High Speed Graphic Expander for 600/700 Series SK
* Tractor Feed for MPS 803 BZ
* HiRes Graphics for PET 4000/8000.
* MOS Technology EPROM Programmer, Off-White. GP
                Single Sheet Feeder for CBM 8028.
                CBM 3040 to CBM 4040 ROM upgrade kit.
* 252594-01 CDTV remote controller, standard unit. BB
  324402 High Speed Graphics board for CBM 40XX/80XX. PO
  1001027-03 PAL TV Modulator for VIC-20. FF
* 201490-01 CHESSmate PCB: 201482 Rev A. 4 LEDs, 4 dig display. 19 key MB
* Amiga 10 Stereo MultiMedia Speakers, Cream. CS
* Amiga 520 RF Modulator Channel 3-4, Audio In, Video Out, RF Out JM
* Amiga 570 CD-ROM for Amiga 500+, CDTV compatible.
* Amiga 1300 Amiga Genlock made for Amiga 1000.
* Amiga 1310 Amiga Genlock.
* Amiga 2031 Amiga PAL Video modulator board for A2000
* Amiga 2032 Amiga PAL Video modulator board for A2000
* Amiga 2070 150.250 MB Tape Drive, uses 1/4" tape, Grey, SCSI, A2000
* Amiga 2090 SCSI and ST506 (MFM) MN
* Amiga 2090A Autoboot A2090
* Amiga 2091 SCSI Controller, RAM Expansion. CS
* Amiga 2300 Amiga Genlock for A2000.
  Amiga 2301 Semi-professional Genlock (Possibly PAL?)
* Amiga 2320 Deinterlacer card. Converts 15.75KHz display to 31.5KHz.
* Amiga 2350 Professional Genlock for A2000.
  Amiga 2351 Genlock (PAL?)
* Amiga 2410 "University of Lowell" TIGA Card, 8 bit GFX, TI34010.
  Amiga 2995 Video Master (Direction rack + Genlock + Video Digitizer)
* Amiga 3070 150.250 MB Tape Drive, uses 1/4" tape, Cream, SCSI. CS
* Amiga 3406 Amiga RF Modulator.
* Amiga 4091 SCSI-2 Controller for Zorro III Slot.
* AMIX O.S. ATT SysVR4 for A2000. Requires A2620.
* CBM 4010 Voice Response Unit made by Votrax for PETs.
* CBM 4270 I/O Controller for CBM PET series. SL
* CBM 8072 Graphics Tablet, IEEE-488.
* CBM 64850 Magic Voice Module for Commodore 64. (p/n 319000-01 GB
* CBM 60110 Commodore 64 CP/M Cartridge. US model? JV
* CBM 606480 Commodore 64 CP/M Cartridge. German model? HS
* CD 1200 Black external infrared controller for CDTV.
* CD 1221 Black version of A4000 Keyboard. CDTV dedicated, not I/R. BZ
* CD 1300 Genlock card for CDTV (NTSC)
* CD 1301 Genlock card for CDTV (PAL)
* CD 1321 SCART card for CDTV
  CSA 58A-601 Thermostat manufactured for Johnson Controls. DB
* Sound Expander CBM SFX FM Sound Expander: uses FM DSS IC in Yamaha DX7 RW
* Sound Sampler CBM SFX Sound Sampler RW
* x375 Commodore Scanner DI
* VIC 1011A RS-232 Interface, Outputted True RS-232 Voltages DT
* VIC 1011B RS-232 20mA Current Loop. NP
* VIC 1020 Expansion Chassis for VIC AC
* VIC 1112 IEEE-488 Interface. HS
  VIC 1214 VIC Voice Synthesizer.
  VIC 4011 VIC-REL (Rele') Remote control switch
  VIC 4012 Vic-Switch. Allow 16 VICs to share drives and printers.
* VIC 1010 VIC-20 Expansion Module GE
* VM115 Softback Books (VIC Revealed, VIC Games, VIC Graphics,
                Stimulating Situations for the VIC)

------------------Commodore Models Never Produced or Marketed:----------------

Commodore TOI Series:
  TOI "The Other Intellect"
Commodore PET Series:
* CBM 4032-P Portable 4032 Prototype. Had 4032, 4040, and Datasette. RS
* CBM 8033 Color 8032. (Used NEC monitor in regular monitor housing)
  PETREGISTER (CBMREGISTER) Cash register PET (based on 8032). 50 units

Commodore VIC Series:
  VIC-20TV Vic-20 with built in 2" TV
Commodore 64 Series:
  CBM SX-100 Predecessor of the SX-64, had B&W monitor.
  CBM DX-64 SX-64 with two drives.
Commodore 264 Series:
* CBM 232 C16 in Plus/4 case with 32 kB RAM
* CBM 264 Prototype Plus/4 JB
* CBM CV364 264 with keypad and speech synthesizer.
* CBM 464 C900
Commodore LCD Series:
  CBM CLCD Commodore Portable with LCD screen. 1MHz 65C102, BASIC 3.6,
                32 kB RAM, 96 kB ROM, 80x16 text display, 480x128 graphics,
                RS-232-C, Centronics, and H-P Bar Coder Ports, Plus-4 type
                keyboard, no SID, no sprites, ML Monitor in ROM.
  CBM C64Laptop Erroneous name for CLCD.

Commodore 128 Series:
  CBM C128PC Preannounce name for C128.
* CBM C128D/81 Prototype C128D (plastic) with 3.5" drive AA
* CBM 256 128 with 125MB HD, one button mouse, built-in 3.5" drive FD

Commodore P series:
  CBM P128 P-500
* CBM P500 B128 case, 2 joystick ports, 40 column video. LA
C900 Series: Prototype UNIX System, dropped after Amiga acquisition
                Zilog Z8000 CPU, Runs Coherent 0.7.3, UNIX 7 clone,
                Built-In Floppy, HD, IEEE-488. MFM Disk Controller, 1MB
                9600 bps, 500 units made. Came in two versions.
* C900/lo LoRes (80*24 Text, Max 6 Serial Lines) PL
* C900/hi HiRes (1024*800 Graphics 2 Serial Lines) SL
* Z 8000/lo C900/lo PL
* Z 8000/hi C900/hi SL

Amiga Series:
  A300 Prototype A600
  A300CD A 300 + CD ROM Drive (first name of CD32 unit.)
  A3000+ 3000 with 25MHz 68040, AGA, DSP. (<100 made)
  CDTV-II CDTV with built in drive
Commodore 64DX Series: had both 64 and 65 mode. built in 1581 style drive.
                       Native mode had BASIC 10.0, dual SID, 128kB and 3.54
                       MHz 6502 derivative CPU with extra addressing modes.
                       Could access >64kB directly.
* CBM C65 Commodore 64 DX Machine JB

Drive Series:
  CBM 1010 Pre 2040 prototype?
  CBM 1020 Pre 2040 prototype?
  CBM 1030 Pre 2040 prototype?
  CBM 1541H High density 1541 drive
  CBM 1543 1541H
  CBM 1541D Double 1541
  CBM 1561 720kB single 3.5". for Commodore LCD.
* CBM 1563 720kB single 3.5". prototype of 1581, found in C128D/81 AA
  CBM 1571 II 1571 with external PS
* CBM 1590-D-1 Single 3.5" 1.44MB, DOS 14.13, 1581 case, Serial. JV
  CBM 2041 Single 5.25" 170K, DOS1.2,Off-White,No Rel Files,IEEE-488.
  CBM 4040 LP Dual 5.25" 170K, Off-White, Half Height, IEEE-488
  CBM 8070 Dual 8", ????
  CBM 8250 LP Prototype, no "tower" PCBs on motherboard PK
  CBM D9062 Dual D9065.
  CBM D9065 7.5 MB Hard Drive
* 35MB HD, Serial JV
                3.5" DD FD for CBM Laptop, battery powered

PC Series:
* PC-30 PC-20-II with 20MB HD PK
* PC-70 prototype of TW486-25C PK
  PC-80-1 80386DX _at_ 16MHz, German.
  PC-80-2 Pentium Pro machine. (US only)
  A2088T A2088 _at_ 8 MHz. V20.
  A2286/6 80286 _at_ 6MHz BridgeCard.
  A2286/10 80286 _at_ 10MHz BridgeCard.

CPU Upgrade Series:
  Amiga 2630 68030 and 68882 _at_ 33 MHz for A2000 with 4MB RAM

Miscellaneous Series:
* Amiga 3091 Internal SCSI Controller for A3000.
                It exists, but is not a product. It is a nickname for the
                SCSI Controller part of the A3000 Motherboard.

-----------------------------Owner Mnemonics:---------------------------------

AA Al Anger
AB Adam Bergstrom
AC Anders Carlsson
BA Brian Van Avermaete
BB Brian Bell
BC Barbara Clarke
BD Bill Dwyne
BG Bruce Gomes
BK Barry Kryshka
BR Bob Richardson
BW Bill Ward
BZ Bo Zimmerman
CA Chris Alevras
CE Chris Eckersley
CH Charlie Hitselberger
CK Cameron Kaiser
CO Carl Sofranko
CS Christian Stich
DA Doug Armstrong
DB David Belter
DE David Evola
DI Darren Allion
DL Daniel Lowe
DR Dave Ross
DT David Veatch
DV David Villegas
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"Richard A. Cini, Jr." <> wrote:
>While browsing early-84 Bytes, I came across two references to new Commodore
>computers. One was the Z8000-based "Next Generation", which was to run
>Concurent Unix. The other was a Series 264 machine.
>Any info on these?
>[ Rich Cini/WUGNET
>[ ClubWin!/CW7
>[ MCP Windows 95/Windows Networking
>[ Collector of "classic" computers
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*********** A NOTE FROM JIM BRAIN ********************************************
I would like to apologize for the lateness in replying to your letter or note.
Please do not take offense at the lack of a reply from myself.  The Brain
family has had some very extenuating circumstances throughout the 1998 year.
At the close of 1997, my wife became gravely ill while in her first trimester
of pregnancy with our son.  To support my wife's needs, I switched the web site, FTP site and
listserver to autopilot and discontinued all online activities, including FAQ
maintenance, responses to email requests, and other demands for my time.  I
also shut down Brain Innovations, Inc., our side business.
My wife's health improved by March of 1998, and in June 19, 1998, Brent 
Harrison Brain came into the world at 7:50 AM.  However, at 5 pounds, 3
ounces, Brent was 5 weeks early and a bit of a preemie.  We were very ecstatic
at the arrival.
A few weeks later, Brent, who had not learned how to nurse very well, weighed
in at 4 pounds and was sent to the neonatal ICU to stabilize his weight and
regain lost fluids.  The cause was his underdeveloped "sucking" instinct,
which is common in preemies.  Brent quickly stabilized and he was sent home
within 3 days.  I am happy to report that Brent has now learned all he needed
to get food and now tips the scale at 15 pounds.
Abaout this time, my commercial Internet Service Provider upgraded some
application libraries on my server (which I share with many others) and broke
the entire  It took from June 1 to July 1 to fix the problem,
which eventually led to the migration of the domain to a new server
with upgraded scripting tools, rendering the old unusable.  I
then started working on a replacement.
I was able to get email and mailing lists back in operation before my wife and
I (Brent was at home with my parents) were involved in a broadside collision
while on our first "date" after the birth.  I was left unhurt, but my wife
sustained bruises and broken bones.  Due to the breastfeeding, she was unable
to take adequate medication, and her immobility made taking care of our son a
impossible task.  With some regret, I packed her and my son off with my
parents to drive 10 hours to IL, where my wife's mother would care for both of
them.  I stayed at our house to direct the replacement of our totaled Saturn
In early August, my wife and son returned to Nebraska, but it took a few
months for my wife injuries to heal to the point where she could care for our
son during the day alone and withut discomfort.
The events of the past 7 months caused us both to "withdraw" from the world in
some respects.  I have let email and web maintenance go without intervention,
while we've both been slow to start back into any projects or start up our
side business again.
However, we are finally feeling better able to tackle the many demands on our
time and the many hobbies we enjoy.  My hope is that we can start out 1999
with a clean slate and forget about our many trials in 1998.  We will, though,
always remember 1998 as the year our son came to us (but I hope that is all we
remember from it).  I am happy to report that as of December 7, 1998, Brent is
doing great, my wife is hoping to make a full recovery (though her back and
feet still hurt occasionally).  I am finally finishing some projects around
the house and finding time and the energy to restart enjoying my hobbies and
my online presence.
As I write this, I am preparing to work my wife through 9 months of
accumulated email from  If you have sent me more than one
message, please excuse the redundancy of the note when you receive it 
additional times.  For simplicity sake, this is my .signature file for the 
next few weeks.  
We appreciate the responses we have received from folks during our trials.
However, please do not feel it necesary to respond to this message, at least
not for a few weeks.  Doing so now will simply put more email in my inbox, of
which I have plenty at present.
Merry Christmas to everyone, and look for the Brain Christmas Letter on our
web site.
Jim Brain (and family)
Jim Brain, Embedded System Designer, Brain Innovations, Inc. (BII)(offline sig) "Above views DO reflect my employer, since I'm my employer"
Dabbling in WWW, Embedded Systems, Old CBM computers, and Good Times!      -Me-
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