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> Well, I have http://www.blue-planet.com/tech/no-frames.html linked from
> the VCF links page but it is snobbishly requiring a username and password
> to access the site now. Lame. I'll be removing that link immediately.
> Sellam Alternate e-mail: dastar_at_siconic.com
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> Always being hassled by the man.

I tried 3 ways:

http://www.blue-planet.com/tech/no-frames.html, same bot
http://www.blue-planet.com/tech , ditto
http://www.blue-planet.com, ditto.

I think something is broken over there.
Point is, how one get in in first place to get registered even at
lowest level like the last try I tried? Find a way and email there
tellin' it's not working right.


is your good side to rely on still and I use it lot.

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