Filetypes (was Re: Xerox)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 08:48:49 1998

At 05:49 PM 12/16/98 -0800, D. Peschel wrote:
>Hmm. The Commodore OS is more powerful than I thought. I still think the
>syntax and implementation is rather clunky.

You mean, the OS running in the disk drive, not the OS running in the
C-64. :-) I remember a remark from an Amiga Corp. engineer "The 1541
was the best computer Commodore ever made" when I asked him why I found
several mangled / disassembled 1541s in the dumpster behind Amiga Corp.
when it was shut down...

Amiga trivia time: I and a friend liberated the Amiga Corp. sign from
the lawn, too. It lived in his garage in San Jose for a while, then
moved to Topeka, and then back to Sacramento.

- John
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