Apple 2 GS cartridge drive (was: re: dec 3100 100mb scsi)

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 16:22:14 1998

> The Apple 2 GS could have a hard drive in it? I never knew that. My school
> used to have about 10 of them, and they all ran off of quad-floppy drives,
> and some sort of cartridge drive that was used to transfer files to a PC
> (You would just pull the cartridge from the Apple, bit it in the drive
> connected to the IBM, and run whatever you wanted. I can't remember much
> about it (about 6 yrs ago). Does anyone have any info on a drive like this?
> It was a black drive that was about the size of a Disk ][, had about a 3/4"
> cable running to the back of the computer, and a grounded power cord. The
> drive itself weighed about 5-10 lbs, and the cartridge weighed about 2 lbs
> (it was metal).
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Sounds like a 44 meg syquest cart to me. Apple made SCSI interfaces for the
apple2 series so it would be consistant. My GS has a ramfast SCSI drive
controller and an external hard disk as well as a CDROM. My apple2 E
is floppy based, although since I'm finding myself with a superabundance
of little dinky scsi drives I may splurge and get a controller for it too.

As far as the GS having a hard disk, you can't really unleash a GS's full
potential without one and about 4 megs of ram to go with it. THEN you can
run GSOS 6.0.1, the final version of GSOS, which is very like Mac system 6.
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