Another find available in Maryland

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 20:29:32 1998

        Next time I come to Maryland I am $^&(*& well going to bring more
luggage. Awright, gentlemen, start your engines. The finish line is the
Village Thrift Store in Laurel, MD, on the north side of 198 about a mile
west of 95. (Same place as last time I found a cool computer while
travelling and couldn't carry it home.)
        The prize is a Hewlett Packard Portable Plus together with an HP
9114B box (which I think is just an external battery powered 3.5" floppy.
Anyone?). It runs Lotus 1-2-3 and there are a couple of other programs on
it which I didn't have time to explore. There was only one power supply for
the computer plus the external box. Price was not marked. The store worker
quoted me $30 for the two of them, but (already aware that I could not pack
it) I said "hmph" and walked off. Hopefully he'll now quote you a lower
price. There were HP-IL (?) cables connecting the two. The computer said it
had a 300/1200 boud modem, and did have an RJ-11 jack. It also said "file
not found" on drive A: and had about 2.7 Mbytes left on drive B: That's
about all I remember about it. Let me know how it is...
                                                        - Mark
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