Packet Radio (was:Re: Modem tones over television or radio)

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Dec 18 00:07:23 1998

Jason Willgruber wrote:
> Now that we seem to have drifted to the topic of Packet radio, I was
> wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up an inexpensive box (not sure
> what they're called - the packet converter?). Even an old, "obsolete one
> would be good, since I was going to try to connect it to a 286 or 8088
> laptop (probably 8088 Zenith).

What you are looking for is called a TNC (Terminal Node Controller.) And
surprise, surprise, this is all on topic as I have several TNCs designed for
the C-64 (no, I'm not interested in getting rid of them.) Years ago, I sold
a friend of mine an IBM PC (yes, PC) with two floppy drives that he used up
to last year to monitor packet radio here in Santa Barbara. There is also a
device/software IIRC called Baycom that can be connected to the serial or
parallel port and will work for packet radio. I might add you also need a
radio to monitor packet radio :) and a ham license to utilize it.
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