Toy computers

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Dec 18 07:38:44 1998

> > Here are a couple more 'toy' computers that I've come across, dating from
> > the early 1970's.

Speaking of toy computers, I have seen an actual one
yesterday at Kaufhof (a big department store chain in
Germany). The series is calld IQ-Computer and has 3
Models - A Laptop, called IQ-Unlimited, with 512K RAM
and 4MB ROM, and two desktop Models with 128 or 512 K
RAM, called IQ TV 128 and IQ TV 512 - a lot of build
in programms (wordprocessor, spread sheet, drawing,
etc.) and a graphics resolution of 320x200 in at least
16 colours. The keyboard looks PC alike, and althrough
the Software looks MS-Win like, it isn't - also not GEOS.
The price is between 400 and 700 Mark.

Now, what I like to know is, has anyone already opened
this device ? Is it based on any 'historic' design ?
Maybe an Apple ][ or MSX ?


P.S.: The brand Name is V-TECH.

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