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<< What you are looking for is called a TNC (Terminal Node Controller.) And
 surprise, surprise, this is all on topic as I have several TNCs designed for
 the C-64 (no, I'm not interested in getting rid of them.) Years ago, I sold
 a friend of mine an IBM PC (yes, PC) with two floppy drives that he used up
 to last year to monitor packet radio here in Santa Barbara. There is also a
 device/software IIRC called Baycom that can be connected to the serial or
 parallel port and will work for packet radio. I might add you also need a
 radio to monitor packet radio :) and a ham license to utilize it.
at every radio rally i've been to, there is always someone displaying a TNC
for the C64 that appears to directly plug into the computer. I have seen one
TNC for sale, and it was ~$60. Unfortunately, i dont know anything about TNCs
like if there's just one type that plugs into a serial port or whether there
are other styles, but i do know you need a 2 meter radio and the license to
run it. packet radio seems to run at 2400, but i almost certainly remember
being told once that some were running at 9600.
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