Another ~1960 computer kit - Philips?

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> I think there were other "real" computers that also
> used magnetic drum for primary storage.

My first home computer was a Litton 1259 (maybe 1251, it was a while ago) It
had dual Drum memories of 200K each. The system had 5 3'X4' interconnected
cabinets, the CPU and console, the 2 drum memories, a printer and a paper tape
reader and punch. It took half of the Living room when I moved it in. It came
with a punch tape to generate snoopy calendars off the printer.

The Litton had worked for The State of Oregon General Services doing inventory
from 1969 till 1979. I think I got it in 1981.

Paul Pierce has a Litton 1231, same but with a single drum, saved. He is
planning to have it set up in his museum.

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