Modem tones over television or radio

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri Dec 18 11:34:11 1998

> Ok, but this is true for almost all things - when they
> come to broad audience, there is at least some 30 to
> 50 years of thinking and development before - Telephone,
> networking, computers, cars, steam engine, what ever you
> want.

Exactly! That is one of the reasons why I generally do not like "which
came first" arguments (plenty of those on this list!). Just about
everything has roots in something else.
> Just ignoring the fact that all lines
> between exchanges are already digital, and even before
> ISDN exchange to exchange connection have been build
> as time or chanel multiplexing over single wires.

And that the term "email" is a bit off as well, as nearly all Internet
traffic goes over fibre for over 99% of its way. Omail, maybe?

> I don't know, if I should laugh or cry about this ignorance.
> Only because they have stone age phones within their home
> they belive the system behind is also stone age - and vice
> versa ... *With an Pentium II chip all colours are brighter
> and sounds are better ... '

Generally, history revisionists are full of bunk, but there is a slight
thread of truth to what some of them say. It only takes one loudmouth
marketing person to start a campaign that becomes the "truth" in a short

William Donzelli
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