Halleluyah! Hooray! Eureka! Success! (OS-65U)

From: George Rachor <george_at_racsys.rt.rain.com>
Date: Fri Dec 18 15:13:07 1998

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On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Bill Sudbrink wrote:

> A few of you may know that one of my first postings to
> Usenet (alt.folklore.computers) was a request for a copy
> of Ohio Scientific's OS-65U 6502 operating system. I
> have been looking for it since 1993. Well, Santa came
> to me a little early today in the form of the UPS man
> and I have here in my hand (well, sitting on the desk
> next to me) a factory original set of 8 inch floppies
> of OS-65U! Level 1 version 1.44 CD-23 revision. I also
> have demo disks, and level 1 v 1.2 CD-7 revision. I
> think to myself, "My quest is over."
> Now the real work begins.
> I own six 8 inch floppy drives that came with OSI machines.
> None of them have had a disk in them since I have owned
> them (I haven't had one to put in them until now!).
> three are:
> Siemens FDD 200-8P
> one is:
> Shugart Model 801
> the other two are in a box, I'll have to check later.
> One of the Siemens has the gold face plate I mentioned in
> another post. The Siemens look like double sided drives,
> the Shugart is definitely a single sided drive. Nothing
> on the disks indicate single or double sided. I think
> they are soft sectored (only one index hole). How should
> I proceed? Could I get full repair and calibration
> instructions for these drives? Does anybody have an 8 inch
> set up that can read and duplicate most formats? Maybe recover
> questionable/compromised data on the disks?
> Thanks,
> Bill Sudbrink
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