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>I just got this curious item from somebody. It's labelled LORAN C
>NAVIGATOR on the back. I haven't powered it up yet, but I guess this is
>something similar to GPS

Well, sorta. ie both are navigation systems.
LORAN is a civil version of a radio hyperbolic navigation aid developed by
the Brits
in WW2. The Germans had a similar thing, which was originally based in the
of Biscay, when the Brits found out about it, instead of destroying it,
they had charts
made to suit it, and it was used extensively by Coastal Command in the area.
It was continued as a nav service after the war, last I heard, it was
actually still operating,
but that was about 7 or 8 years ago now.
The British version was called GEE and was used to navigate (mostly) bomber
command aircraft, although I believe Coastal Command and possibly
the RN minesweepers and other small ship also used it. In those days
it was mostly used by aircraft though.

>(only LORAN is on the ground, isn't it?).

LOng Rnge Area Navigation. No, it doesn't really matter, it will work in a
a plane or a car. (Or on foot if you have a small enough one to carry.)

>It looks pretty old, and certainly has digital electronics in it. Could
>someone tell me what to do with this thing? Would it be useful in a car or
>an airplane? (I have neither)

A small boat, like a yacht or a power boat could use it. If they do, and
have the the special maps it needs, then yes, you should be able to use
it ok. I know it was popular with small boats in the US area til a few
years ago,
yachts especially used it quite a bit.

I found the following web site, info there says LORAN-C is still operating,
and it
now seems likely it will continue til 2005 at least.

Hope this helps.


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