Fw: *URGENT* moving IBM 5360 to museum-need advice

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Date: Sat Dec 19 07:24:53 1998

Hi folks,

This gentlemen could use some expert advice.
I don't know diddly about IBM stuff of this magnitude,
so, at his request, I have reposted his plea here.
Can someone respond directly to him with some
useful information?
Thanks in advance.....

I've also suggested that he join the CC list...:^)

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From: Tony Epton <aceware_at_iinet.net.au>
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Date: Saturday, 19 December 1998 18:04
Subject: *URGENT* moving IBM 5360 to museum-need advice

>On Tuesday we will be moving an IBM 5360 10 Km from a warehouse to our
>Can anyone please give me any advice on issues such as how to lock
>down drives and any other steps which should be taken to protect the
>machine while moving it.
>I already have another IBM 5360, with a disk expansion bay. But this
>machine is of rather dubious origins. I bought it from a scrap metal
>yard and I don't know how badly treated it was before I obtained it.
>Also, to move it I had to dismantle the power supply to reduce the
>weight. I carefully labelled every lead but unfortunately some of the
>labels fell off. Hence I have been reluctant to power it up for fear
>of it errupting into a molten ball of flames.
>For these reasons I was thinking of gutting the present machine for
>any good parts and replacing with the newer machine.
>The new machine has no expansion bay but was working two years ago
>when turned off.
>How hard would it be to add the expansion bay on to the new machine ?
>In terms of configuration steps ?
>Some guys are going to use a forklift to move the machine on Monday
>and stick it in a storage area - what do I need to do beforehand ?
>Many thanks in anticipation.
>Tony Epton
>Hardware Curator
>Australian Computer Museum Association (Western Australia)


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