Couple oddball RSX-11M questions

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Dec 19 12:12:49 1998

<>house. Using the network I should be able to transfer those Disk Images
<>over to the PDP-11. However, can I mount those disk images under RSX-11M
<>4.2 like I can RT-11 disk images under RT-11? If so what do I need to do

Check out Megan's (I think it's page I think she
has something you can use for that.

<>Second question. As I understand it, using DECnet it is possible to use
<>the tape drive on VAX from another VAX.

Yes but that is mostly vax/vms to vax/vms. I use it all the time as I have
a TLZ04, Tk50, TLZ30 on three different machine and I mount and use tapes
across the net and even do backups that way. You do that with 7machines
and 3 drives.

<> Well, the VAX in the house doesn't
<>have a tapedrive, and I've not run the network out to the garage. So is i
<>possible to have the VAX access the TK-50 on the PDP-11/73 via DECnet?

Put a tape on the vax. ;) I think RSX decnet may not do that.

<My favorite solution would be sneakernet - pull the drive and controller
<and move it !

Me too. I'd put the tape on the VAX. The 11/73 can backup to RL02s or
even RX50. It can also copy files to the vax if you have the net.

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