Squeak Copyright (Was - Re: Another ~1960 computer kit)

From: Stephen Dauphin <ai705_at_osfn.org>
Date: Sat Dec 19 14:37:12 1998

On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, D. Peschel wrote:

> after that!) Squeak is a free version of Smalltalk, very faithful to
> the original Xerox plan, with full source. (It was written at Apple in
> an apparemtn momemt of generosity -- I wish the Mac weren't such a closed
> platform to get a compiler for.)

Submitted for your approval, the following:

About Squeak in General
             Squeak 2.2
    (c) 1996 Apple Computer, Inc.
     (c) 1997, 1998 Walt Disney

Does anybody know why Mickey's four-fingered paw prints are on it? The
license agreement is strictly Apple and what little is mentioned in the
history of Squeak, does not account for the Disney copyright.

> What does this have to do with Lego Mindstorms? Well, someone is working on
> a Smalltalk interface to Lego Mindstorms! (Unless my brain is fried, that
> is.) I forget if it requires a commercial Smalltalk, but I suspect people
> are interested in porting it to Squeak. I couldn't find the details -- the
> articles seem to have expired. And I'm not going through my files (see
> above -- anyway they're at home and I'm not). But this is a very good sign
> for education.

Squeak is currently being ported to a lot of things, particularly small
things. There is a WinCE version and a strong push to put it on the Pilot.

                                                   -- Steve
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