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> Unfortunately, lots of "fundamental" knowledge gets left out when you
> skip electric lights and go to things much more complex.

Somewhat like grade school children using calculators instead of
really learning mathematics.
                                                 - don

> Clarke's law says that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is
> indistinguishable from magic", but as far as I'm concerned light
> bulbs, batteries, and wires still have an element of magic. The
> concept that by connecting these two pieces of copper, I can make
> a bulb elsewhere glow, is magic in itself. (Even more magical is
> what happens when you short out the turns of a hand-cranked magneto
> and try turning it...) One has to understand these basic elements
> of technological magic if anything worthwhile is going to be done!
> Unfortunately, in today's world of glitzy computer graphics and
> sound everywhere, many kids feel that somehow unless their creations
> live up to to Hollywood standards that they aren't worthwhile. And this
> attitude is completely wrong. But talking with educators from
> the local kindergarten right up to the Provost of Caltech, I've
> come to realize that this is a very real obstacle to teaching
> the fundamentals of not only technical subjects, but also of artistic
> subjects.
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