Couple oddball RSX-11M questions

From: Megan <>
Date: Sat Dec 19 19:38:30 1998

<>house. Using the network I should be able to transfer those Disk Images
<>over to the PDP-11. However, can I mount those disk images under RSX-11M
<>4.2 like I can RT-11 disk images under RT-11? If so what do I need to do

>Check out Megan's (I think it's page I think she
>has something you can use for that.

Thanks for the nod, Allison, but my file transfer program is RT<->RT only
at this time... I've never found someone knowledgable *and* interested
enough to write the RSX peer for the program. Actually - some of the RSX
stuff is already in my source, but I'm not an RSX-heavy, so I've never
built or tested it. Then again, with TCP/IP being available, my program
seems like a moot exercise (though it was and is a lot of fun to work on).
I have been thinking about a Digital Unix and/or Linux peer for it.

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