OT: Online auctins an institution?

From: Bob Wood <altair8800_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Dec 19 22:15:02 1998

>No one else has figured out that the real money is in the _information_
>about what sold at auction for what? Ever wonder why Christie's will
>you a catalog of things for auction but will _sell_ you the results? On
>line auctions are here to stay and they open a whole new area of
>opportunity (as this list knows all too well)

This is a very astute observation.
I never cease to be amazed by the smarts exhibited by
the contributors to this list. If we could pool the brainpower
here we could turn Capitalism on it's head.

But, of course, many of us are not partial to Capitalism
so I guess we'll have to stay poor.

Bob Wood

Bob Wood

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