Genicom 3820 printer info wanted.

From: Computer Room Internet Cafe <>
Date: Sun Dec 20 07:15:04 1998

Hi Folks,

I have acquired a Genicom 3820 High speed serial printer that I'm
hoping to use on my Microvax II. I think it was previously on a Microvax
(got that too :^)

As usual, I have no docs whatsoever.
Had a look at the Genicom web site, but nothing there is useful, since this
evidently a "Legacy" model.

I need to find some technical info on this, especially dip switch settings,
so it can
be configured to run off a serial port on a Microvax II, or even a DMB32 on
a Vax 6000. Any additional info is a bonus of course.

Any help appreciated.

Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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