Type 0665? This is 5.25" FH IBM HD, on topic. :)

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Gibbish babblings snipped!


I got all different kinds of answers for that 0665! It has 34 and
20pin edge connectors and there's no dash after that type #.

BTW: I have all 5 types of controller cards: MFM, RLL, ESDI, SCSI
and same old IDE. So I'm not short on anything to try out except for
stranger interfaces and nonstandard SCSI interfaces ie SCA. :-)

More info might help:

Type 0665, 060386-ESP177-38

I have error table with 2 entries, cutout area is 20, and FPU # is
62X1017, 470 110127 30MB stuck to the front end metal plate.

I had an old exact hd chassis design which had 4 platters
without the extra circuit board that I have now that attaches upright
to the mainboard at "front end" hidden behind metal plate.

Spun it up, seems to seeks home fine on power feed and first one I
had only does clanging against stops metallic ting ting ting - clank!
- ting ting ting... I wish many HD's had this external motor ring!
Saw few dead HDs with shot motor and one FH 1GB hd die from that
too but the worst thing motor is in that hub so it went off to data
recovery by that bbs owner which later on became KOS.
Then rebuilt at Fujitsu bec it was in warrenty. But I saw more poor
reporting on Fujitsu drives for years afterwards to this date.
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