FW: PS/2 Freebies available in St. Louis, MO

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_my-dejanews.com>
Date: Sun Dec 20 20:19:55 1998

        Found on Usenet. Much of the stuff is useful on 'classic' systems, so
I think it's on topic. Please contact the originator directly if you're

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From: "Dave Masters" <dmasters-w_at_prodigy.net>
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Subject: Free PS/2 Stuff
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 14:38:09 -0600
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I've been trying to clean out the basement for the last year without much
success. I've been given orders from the supreme commander to get this
out of here. I hate to just toss working computer equipment, so I am
offering PS/2 stuff for whatever it cost me to box it up and ship it out.
All equipment was working the last I used it, but is offered as is.

If you are interested in any of it, please contact me directly at
dmasters_at_prodigy.net. Trash day is Tuesday, but I'll hold the larger stuff
until the Tuesday after Christmas. If you're interested, please contact me
before then.

1 - 3118 B&W scanner with sheetfeed and high speed scanner adapter
1 - 3119 B&W flatbed scanner and 3119 scanner adapter
1 - 8580-111, 386-20 MHz
5 - 8555 386-16 MHz with IDE adapter and hard drives
5 - 2.88 diskette drives, FRU 64F4148
1 - 5 1/4 external diskette drive, Model 4869-002
1 - 30MB hard drive from a Mdl 30-286, FRU 6128279
1 - 160MB hard drive, FRU 56F8895
2 - 60MB hard drive, FRU 6128282
5 - 80MB SCSI hard drive, FRU 56F8854
4 - 160MB SCSI hard drive, FRU 56F8851
1 - 160MB SCSI hard drive, FRU 95F4718
1 - 30MB hard drive out of a Model 25 or 30, Mdl WDI-325Q
1 - IBM tape drive out of a Model 80, P/N 30F5167
> 10 - 3Com Etherlink/MC TP Ethernet adapters
1 - PCMCIA VoiceType Dictation adapter and software
1 - VisualAge C++ for OS/2 Documentation set
1 - OS/2 Warp Connect V3 (sealed)
1 - OS/2 V2.1 (sealed)
1 - Personal Communications AS/400 and 3270 (sealed)
1 - VisualAge for Smalltalk V3 documentation set (sealed)
1 - IBM Distributed Database Connection Services Single-User (sealed)
1 - IBM VisualAge for Java, Enterprise edition, V1 (sealed)
1 - IBM VisualAge for Java, Professional edition, V1 (sealed)
1 - Novell V3.11, 250 user license, diskettes and documentation

Dave Masters

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