TV Typewriter Cookbook

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 01:47:20 1998

Lawrence wrote:
> My main find tho was a "TV Typewriter Cookbook" from Sams by Don Lancaster,
> the author of the TTL cookbook among others.

Chuck wrote:
> Cool, I've got the follow-on book which is called the "Cheap Video
> Cookbook" that uses a 6502 as a video processor. Some interesting notes :

And don't forget "Son of Cheap Video", from 1980. From the back cover:

<i> Son of Cheap Video </i> is a sequel to <i> The Cheap Video Cookbook. </i>
Here you'll find brand new and greatly improved circuits to get alphanumeri
and grapics video out of a microcomputer and onto an ordinary television set.

Inside, you'll find details on a $7 complete video display system called
"Scungy video," and a $1 super-simple full transparency concept called "the
snuffler." These new ideas are vastly simpler than the earlier cheap video
circuits and much easier to adapt to many different micros. They also use
far less address space and can eliminate the custom PROMs used in cheap video.

Also inside are complete details on do-it-yourself custom EPROM character
generators, using a sophisticated, yet simple, music staff display as a
detailed design example. We haven't forgotten the 8080/Z80 people this time,
either. There are two chapters on 8080/Z80 operation, along with a cheap
video system for the Heathkit H-*, and a versatile keyboard serial adapter.

Lower case for your Apple II using the existing keyboard and a cheap video
module rounds out this assortment of hands-on hardware projects.
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