Another ~1960 computer kit - Philips?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 09:42:08 1998

At 06:06 PM 12/17/98 -0600, Doug Yowza wrote:
>Speaking of programming paradigms, one of the reasons I've always been so
>found of the E&S PS-300 was that it used a dataflow language. I found
>that a very compelling and completely different way to program. What a
>guy that Sutherland was, eh?

What does an E&S PS-300 look like?

I saw one last Friday. Or part of one. It was a large monitor
with the tag "Evans and Sutherland PS-300" and a digitizing tablet
of some kind. There was a large cable coming from it with a round
connector and a dozen or so conductors. I expected it to be connected
to a large box containing the computer power, but didn't see that,
nor any keyboard. It was for sale for about $20 at the UW-Madison
surplus store. It was so large and appeared to be missing the
main components, so I didn't buy it.

There was a Sequent S27 parallel computer there, too. I don't
know how many nodes it had.

- John
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