Commodore machines that never made it?

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 10:59:39 1998

Just talking to myself again (and to Jim Brain). :)

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Doug Spence wrote:

> > PC Series:
> > * A1060 DOS/PC SideCar that connects to an A1000.
> I have one of these. It came standard with 256K, but with sockets so you
> could put it up to 512K. It has 8-bit ISA slots, but I forget how many
> (3 or 4). I used it mainly for controlling my A1000's hard drive. :)

It has 3 slots. An interesting thing about my unit is that the copyright
dates on the BIOS startup message are 1984, 1985, and it says "- Test
Release -". I don't know if all units are like that.

> > * VIC 1927 Cosmic Jailhouse (Cosmic Jailbreak), Hong Kong, grey label
> I have this one, titled "Cosmic Jailbreak". I don't remember if it has
> a white label or a metallic one.

It has the standard white label.

> > Cassette Software Series:

Some other Commodore-branded cassette software:

Real Estate 2
Math Pac 2

Both for the PET. There must also have been Real Estate 1 and Math Pac 1.

Both cassettes bear the Commodore logo, and (c)1978 Commodore Business
Machines messages. They also each have a number printed in red, which may
be the part number. For Math Pac 2, it is 321014, and the Real Estate 2
cassette has 321022 printed on it.

Real Estate 2 also says "(by Business Enhancement Compuservice)" on it, so
they must have written the software for Commodore. The Math Pac 2
cassette bears no markings other than Commodore's.

Real Estate 2 contains: Cash Flow
                        Installment Sale

Math Pac 2 contains: Vectors
                     Matrix 1
                     Matrix 2

IIRC, all programs on these cassettes are very simple BASIC programs.

For another piece of Commodore software... would Mind Walker count? It
was (c)1986 Commodore-Amiga/Synapse IIRC (which I may not). I don't know
if the packaging, etc, was Commodore's or if it was Synapse. Commodore
had the trademark on the name, though, because Amiga Technologies used
Mind Walker as the name for a web browser during the ESCOM era.

Doug Spence
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