IBM DisplayWriter, 5360CPU, etc. avail, Raleigh NC

From: Alex Knight <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 12:51:00 1998


Thought I'd let ya'll know that there is an IBM Display Writer,
with monitor & Keyboard, available for $10 in Raleigh, NC.

I also saw some other stuff, like a big IBM 5360 CPU (the
size of a washer & dryer) for $1, an IBM 3174 server for
$5, an IBM 3274/1C printer for $1, an IBM 5262 printer for
$5, and an IBM 6360 dual 8" floppy drive unit for $5, all
at the same place.

Operating condition on all this stuff is unknown.

Write me off-line at "" if you're interested
in this stuff. It's all too big for me to mess with. Well,
maybe I could snag the DisplayWriter to trade for a really
interesting calculator ...


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