Weekend acqusitions and horny dilemmas...

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Mon Dec 21 16:31:59 1998

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

(...to build, or not to build, a Cromemco joystick kit)

> If it was mine, I'd build the kit, but then I see no value in usassembled
> kits other than they're to be built.
> Another possibility. How complex is this joystick (not very, I guess).
> Could you make a clone using a PC joystick mechanism and the same
> electronics (built on stripboard, or on a copy of the PCB)?

Minimal complexity. 2 axis joystick with pots, 4 buttons (keyswitches),
and a speaker... All of the real gutz are on the D+7A board...

Main reason for building the thing would be to have the complete original
configuration of items that were intended to run the software.

Just would not look (feel) the same with a mutant PC joystick... The
Cormemco unit is a big sucker! Sloped top metal project box... A good
two hander type unit. PC sticks would be way too small!

I feel a soldering iron session coming on!

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