TV Typewriter Cookbook

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 14:46:45 1998

On 21 Dec 98 at 10:47, Jay Jaeger wrote:

> Heh, heh. Gloat, gloat.
> I have the book, the original magazine articles, AND a TVT itself, which I
> built at the time,
> complete will the order-out keyboard. I could never find the Molex
> connectors one was supposed to
> have, and had to make my own by taking apart an AMP connector. The darn
> MOS serial memory
> chips were a royal pain - flaky as all get out. I even built a crude UART
> and hooked it up to an
> acoustic coupler one day long enough to log in, buy my UART clock wasn't
> crystal controlled, so I
> never really used it as a terminal for dialing in.
> But I did use it as a display device on my Altair for a while, until I
> could afford the Processor
> Technology VDM board.
> Jay
 Where were the original articles published ?
 The commercial TVT pictures look really cool. The 1st Radio-Electonics
model with wooden sides has small round calculator style keys. Must have
been tough to type on but I imagine with the speed of the display it wouldn't
have mattered

ciao larry.
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