Commodore machines that never made it?

From: Gareth Knight <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 20:25:42 1998

Doug Spence wrote:
>For another piece of Commodore software... would Mind Walker count? It
>was (c)1986 Commodore-Amiga/Synapse IIRC (which I may not). I don't know
>if the packaging, etc, was Commodore's or if it was Synapse. Commodore
>had the trademark on the name, though, because Amiga Technologies used
>Mind Walker as the name for a web browser during the ESCOM era.

Mind Walker wasn't just the name of a browser (which, incidentally reverted
to the original title of "Voyager"). It was the name given to a new Amiga
that Amiga Technologies, the Escom subsidiary were releasing. The system was
to include a 68030 processor, CD-ROM, and 500Mb+ hard drive as standard.
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