Evans & Sutherland Y2K scrapyard heads-up

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Mon Dec 21 20:42:04 1998

On Dec 21, 18:20, Scott Ware wrote:

> SGI also does not certify any of their systems with 68K, R2000, or R3000
> processors to be Y2K compliant, presumably because they cannot run IRIX
> 6.5. Watch your local scrap dealer for IRIS 2000/3000, 4D series, and
> Indigo R3000 systems.

IRIX 5.3 and above are all Y2K compliant (providing they include the
rlevant patches).

Indigo R3000 and 4D systems running IRIX 5.3 *will* take all the Y2K
patches (there aren't many, since 5.3 was mostly Y2K compliant anyway). I
know; I did a survey on this earlier this year, and I've just finished
(literally, about 5 minutes ago) installing the Y2K patches on an Indigo
Elan for my wife's Christmas present. Of course, if you can get one at a
reasonable price, an Indigo is a very nice classic (though not quite by
this list's definition, it was released in 1991) machine. Now if only I
could get a copy of Star Office or Word Perfect for Irix 5.3...

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