Bernoulli Box

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 23:14:58 1998

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> > A while back I got an Iomega Bernoulli Box at a hamfest, along with a big
> > stack of cartridges. It's almost the exact same size, shape, and style as
> > an XT, with dual 10MB 8" drives
> ive got two of these drives, one dual and one single with ~40 carts and no
> controller card. i havent been able to find much info either. shirley they
> were popular in their day?
What card do they need? I have a controller card identified as follows:

        PC2B50F 03-09-92
          S/N 2A0264

It is a 1/3rd length 8-bit ISA card with 50 pin header at the top near
the bracket end and a 50 pin D-sub on the bracket. There are four 3-pin
Berg jumpers and an 8 position DIP switch on the card as well.

                                                 - don
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