Saw one...what is that? TI printing terminal Silent 700.

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 20:07:33 1998

>> Jason asked:
>> This, Ti terminal Silent 700 looks like a headless thick notebook
>Tony replied:
>AFAIK it's a dumb printing terminal. ...
>There was (I believe) also an ASR version of one
>of the desktop models that had a box on top with 2 digital cassette
>drives in it. You could copy from one tape to the other, insert
>characters from the keyboard, copy the tape to the line or to the
>printer, etc. Basically use the cassettes like the paper tape on most ASR

>Then Sergei asked:
>Do you have manuals for this version? Can it write data to tape as they
>arrive? (If so, I could use this terminal as a log device.)

At University of Texas Center for Space Research in the late 70's, there
was one continually logging data to tape off a nasa communications line as
the data arrived. One of my jobs there was to switch the logging to the
other tape drive and dump the full tape to the PDP for data-processing. The
tape drives were pretty reliable and pretty easy to use. Sorry for the late
reply, I'm getting a bit snowed and behind on the *really* important things
in life, like reading my classic-comp digests. Also, they did not let me
keep the manual, and I do not remember how to operate the machine. :-)
                                                - Mark
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