Free Kaypros

From: Jerry Robertson <JWRobertson_at_SkyBest.Com>
Date: Tue Dec 22 09:18:23 1998

I have two Kaypro machines, (a II and a IIX) both with daisy wheel
printers (a converted SCM teletypewriter and a Juki marketed under the
Kaypro name). I have all of the original software, documentation,
cables, etc. as well as some supplies (extra ribbons, printwheels,
floppies, etc.). When last used, about ten years ago, everything worked
fine. I would like to donate these items to anyone who will pick them
up. I would be unable to pack and ship them. I am located in Sparta,
NC, which is located in the Northwest North Carolina mountains close to
where NC, VA, and TN meet. If you have any interest and are able to
pick them up or have someone do it for you, please E-mail me at
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