OT, but info needed: RAM uprade

From: Jason Willgruber <roblwill_at_usaor.net>
Date: Tue Dec 22 18:50:28 1998

Hello everyone...
I have a question:
I have a Tandy 3800HD laptop that I' trying to upgrade for a friend, with a
486-20 processor, 120 MB HD, 14.4 modem, VGA, and 4 MB RAM. It's a great
little computer, but it really can't do much with 4 MB RAM. It has 2 MB on
board, and 2 MB in (2) 1 MB 30-pin SIMMS. I have (2) 4 MB 30-pin SIMMS that
I tried putting in to put it up to 10 MB. However, when I turn it on,
absolutely nothing happens (the screen occasionally lights up). Do I need a
some sort of BIOS upgrade, or am I basically stuck with the 4 MB? It
currently has Win 3.0 on it, because even with 3.1, it doesn't have enough
RAM to do anything.

Happy Holidaze

                 -Jason Willgruber
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