VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 20:15:29 1998

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Subject: Re: VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

>Just for sake of description, I'm using a Mac SE running System 7.0.1 as
>a console to the Vax. =-)

I won't hold it against you. Whatever works. ;^)

>I do not have a qbus ethernet board. Someone on the list had them for
>$50 but I'm wretchedly poor so I make due with serial connections to my
>freebie machines.

Familiar feeling....:^) I also have a Microvax II sans ethernet.

>It's running VMS5.3-1. But that just gave me an idea. Someone on the list
>said they were doing Decnet with a Linux box. I spend ALL my time every
>day hacking on Linux boxes and have several at home. Hmmm...I'll have to
>dig back through the list postings! =-)

Hmm, NetBSD supports Microvax II's pretty well these days. If you are
more comfortable with that than VMS. (Keep the VMS license PAK's though,
you will need them if you want to reinstall VMS at some future time.)

This is the URL to the DECnet for Linux page....

I don't know if it works over a serial port connection on a Vax though....


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