VAX/VMS Assistance Problem Solved

From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 20:46:49 1998

As I said before, I spoke too soon. I found a copy of kermit in
one of the user directories. Should have known.

At any rate, it works great and I'm able to transfer files onto
and off of the machine.

(BTW, if that hadn't worked, I was preparing to write a little one-way
file transfer program in Macro. Oh well.)

My goal, of course, is to get the cmuip stuff and just put the machine
on the net via slip. My terminal server can do that too. At least
until I can afford a deqna etc.

BTW, the importance of this machine...aside from having a VMS box to play that I have a nice streaming 9-track tape drive and controller
that goes with it. That should allow me to do file/media conversions and
to explore all the nifty things on the 9-track tapes I seem to find
occasionally at second-hand stores. =-)

I'm gettin' happy.

Anthony Clifton, kc0cue
Received on Tue Dec 22 1998 - 20:46:49 GMT

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