From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 03:59:47 1998

> >> >That is in the left hand corner.But it goes no
> >> >further,Does anyone have any idea what is going
> >> >on???? i have never messed with one of these
> >> >and i dont know what its going on here.PLEASE
> >> >help me!!! Do i need disks????
> >>
> >> Yep, you need disks. Go get a copy of ProDOS or some other Apple II OS. I
> >> don't know where to find them, bet there's lots of Apple II stuff on the
> >> internet and I know that there are disk images out ther SOMEWHERE. Try the
> >> comp.sys.apple2 FAQ, and of course some WebCrawler searches wouldn't hurt...

> >alltech is a licensed supplier of boot disks.
> >you can get the disks from apple's FTP site, but without a boot disk of
> >any kind that doesn't help you much.

> OK this thing is a trip if i keep turning it off and then on it boots to a
> prompt but if i just turn it on the 5 1\4 drive just stays on and it does
> nothing.I would be led to believe that there is something wrong.

Or just press Reset and use the ROM Basic !


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