Price of a Lisa 2?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 03:59:47 1998

> > >Lisa II
> > >Working (Screen unstable).
> > >It has a 3-1/2 floppy drive.
> > >0.5 MB (or 1MB; unsure) RAM
> > >10 MB hard disk
> > >Software (all in German): LisaCalc, LisaList, LisaWrite, LisaGraph
> > >and the manuals (on backup disks, not on the original disks).

> Sounds like a Lisa 2/10 that wasn't Mac XL'd. Believe it or not, the
> (original) software and manuals alone sold for $568 on eOverpay recently.
> But a working Lisa 2/10 seems to only bring $200-$300 (unless it includes
> a printer, then it's back up to $551; go figure).

> Tell him to fix the screen, and it should bring an extra $250 from those
> who can't fix the screen themselves.

And don't forget to tell him how bad money transfer between
the US and Europe is - And to think about the horrible trans-
portation costs - but if he can get this prices, he should
jup on (while I don't know, if the German language version
can par in demand). Over here the actual price of a 2/10 is
between 150 and 500 Mark, thats some 100 to 300 USD.


P.S.: my last one, including almost a complete lisa in original
packed spare parts was just free - I had only to pay the gas
for 1500 miles of diving :)

Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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